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  1. 1

    Greg Widick

    So sorry to hear this . I can’t help but wonder with all these one car wrecks happening if texting by the driver is involved . It’s epidemic

  2. 2

    Linda Ogletree Burchfield

    sorry to hear this,but have you noticed in ALL the wrecks since the first of the year,the people HAVE NOT HAD ON THEIR SEATBELTS!!!

  3. 3

    Greg Widick

    I feel very naked without mine on and never go without it Or my passengers . Click it or ticket

  4. 4

    Aimeé Herrin Barnes

    My car does not leave ‘park’ until everyone is buckled!

  5. 5

    Brenda Hale Armstrong

    I have noticed seat belts, people not wearing why?? It is the easiest thing to do click it. So sorry for all the ones list in recent wrecks due to no seat belt.

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