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    Phil Ellery

    Will they learn about littering as well?

  2. 2

    Phil Ellery

    Will they learn about littering as well?

  3. 3

    Adrian Hutchins

    pity that it could not have been simulated on a pc(not as much fun) but so much better for the animals and environment.

  4. 4

    Catherine Appleton

    I’ve just posted this on the link:
    I cannot believe that no one at Pump It Up is aware of the huge environmental damage caused by balloons, when they come back down to earth. Marine life, birds, wildlife and domestic farm animals die or are horribly injured every year as a result of ingesting balloon fragments and getting tangled up in strings and attachments. I personally pick up balloon remains almost every day on my local beach and there are endless examples, and graphic pictures of dead creatures, whose deaths are solely attributable to balloons.

    Many councils in the UK now completely ban balloon releases, because of these totally avoidable deaths and injuries – maybe the USA is not as environmentally aware as we are, but that’s no excuse for promoting the idea to children of balloon releases being an acceptable thing to do.

  5. 5

    Jean-Yves Le Tollec

    Bretagne, France, Europe…We can teach them otherwise 😉

  6. 6

    Lesley Boultinghouse

    This would be a perfect time for some re-education about ecology

  7. 7

    Liz Dodge

    Please stop this practice of balloon/string release. I live at the ocean, and see the habitat devastation to wildlife and our environment. Please rethink!!

  8. 8

    Tracy Vibert

    No no no do you know how many creatures you have condemned to death ? Get educated and educate those kids it is not alright to release balloons. Shame on you

  9. 10

    Catherine Appleton

    thanks anneke – have just sent them the comment i made here x

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