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    Tyler David Roe

    Yup, yup, yup!!! I’ve said it before- until the Ham gets their security issues fixed (which is impossible), the Ham can build and tout itself as a progressive city, BUT it will only grow so much. People are still afraid of the Ham, for the most part. Truly sad!

  2. 4

    Ashlie Moon Wilcox

    245 in the morning? Young teenagers?

  3. 5

    Patricia Anne Watson

    Birmingham will never be safe. The city is run by idiots.

  4. 6

    Jeremy Purvis

    not too many places safe at 3am

  5. 7

    Garland Brock

    This is why those of us who grew up in Birmingham care nothing about going back and I sure hate it. every night a shooting and usually a fatality. So damn sad.

  6. 8

    Nicole Phillips Morris

    The city is plenty safe at normal hours….3 am there aren’t too many safe places anywhere…

  7. 9

    Thomas Burleson

    Everyone bashes Birmingham but when was the last time any major crime happened in the popular areas (5 Points South, Lakeview, Avondale et al)? Someone getting shot in gov’t housing or in this case a deserted part of town at this time of the morning doesn’t make the whole city bad. I’ve gone to clubs and restaurants in downtown for over 20 years experiencing zero issues.

  8. 11

    Patrick Muth

    Good, let them kill each other.

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