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    Jessica McCool

    Teresa McCool Sharon Scarvey Gunter

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    Beth Wingate

    Trussville is about to get a lot more crowded… : /

  4. 6

    Sharon Dear Bernard

    I don’t ever want to live anywhere but Trussville!

  5. 8

    Dale Taylor

    Cool. Pinson made the list. Not to bad. Lol

  6. 9

    Dale Taylor

    So there are 169 cities and 291 towns in the state of AL. 460 places to call home. Pinson was #56. I’ll take it.

  7. 11

    Gloria King Bailey Pounds

    That really isn’t too shabby.

  8. 12

    Ryan Fitzwater

    Yea because nice houses are selling for cheap because of the airline hwy that goes through Trussville now and the crime rate going up.

  9. 13

    Amanda Handley

    Crime rate not available…

  10. 14

    Sharon Dear Bernard

    Property values have increased in Hidden Trace, Magnolia Place and Glen Cross partly because of the new primary school but mostly because we have a great community! We’ve lived here almost 17 years and have always had planes flying over for takeoff and for landing. Hardly noticed. We’ve had very little turnover in houses here. Those that have is mainly due to people being transferred for their jobs or losing their jobs during this Obama economy. Again, I don’t want to live anywhere else! Great neighbors, great schools.

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    The Trussville Tribune

    “The home values are typically higher than most of the homes in the Birmingham-Hoover, Ala. area.”

  13. 17

    Ryan Fitzwater

    I live here. Not convincing. Thanks for the effort.

  14. 18

    Sharon Dear Bernard

    Ryan Fitzwater if you aren’t happy in Trussville, move!

  15. 19

    Ryan Fitzwater

    Hey…don’t be mad at me. I would if I could.

  16. 20

    Chuck Biddinger

    Great my house at 514 Water Oak Cir. should sell fast!

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