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  1. 1

    Kevin Small

    I did not realize that was in center point. I always thought that was Tarrant.

  2. 2

    Matt Coleman

    Yes it’s center point it’s almost in fultondale . Tarrant doesn’t start till somewhere around robin wood

  3. 3

    Derrick Cain

    Yes, they were very proactive, when they incorporated. To annex land…

  4. 4

    Matt Coleman

    Is this really even news yet it might ,or might not even happen ! Thanks for letting us know Jefferson county is investing millions for a maybe in their own words ,and they are keeping the name secrete ! Looks fishy to me

  5. 5

    Matt Coleman

    Then who is it Derrick Cain ! The tax payers deserve to know

  6. 6

    Bill King

    Glad to see something positive in the area……

  7. 7

    Taylor D Duncan

    Amanda it’s a mystery

  8. 9

    Arlene Thompson

    When we lived just in this area about 20 years ago it was PINSON! Things change….

  9. 10

    Darlene Campbell

    Jobs are jobs for those that need them. What was done to land it?

  10. 11

    Catherine Hollingsworth Nevin

    Tracy Hope Newton Raymond Tyler Mckoy

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