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  1. 1

    Jason Harris

    Brittney Payne Kendrick I bet she goes to the basement! πŸ˜‰

  2. 2

    Wendy Dunn Treglown

    Oh good grief! Do these people not learn ?

  3. 3

    Sara Somers

    I swear you made me almost just pee myself reading your comment….

  4. 5

    Chris Clark

    She looks like a big bag of crazy.

  5. 7

    Tyler David Roe

    If she was impersonating a Trussville police officer, all she had to do was sit in an empty parking lot and talk on the phone and act as if she is clocking speeds…then maybe pull someone over and give them a ticket for driving 2 mph over the speed limit. Ohhhh wait, the speed limit part is Argo’s “PD”, sorry got ’em mixed up!

  6. 8

    Candace Marino

    Bahaha that’s great!!

  7. 9

    Matthew Cherry

    Jason Harris i wonder if she’s Matt Pitt’s deputy.lol

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