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    Leslie Nelson Martin

    my child is buried there and I definitely have a big problem with people being so disrespectful.

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    Suzanne Williams Crosby

    My parents (and other family members) are buried there and they wouldn’t mind a bit. They loved watching their grandkids play these video games. It brought them joy in life.

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    Michelle Morris Barrett

    My son told me this evening that part of the problem is that Google maps sees the cemetery as a park and therefore has automatically assigned “gyms” and “stops” throughout the area. Maybe people have not been disrespectful, but misguided. So sorry for anyone who has been offended or hurt by what appears to be a mistake.

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    Danny Evans

    We just saw several cars in the cemetery and my wife told me that was what was going on.

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    Peggy Dorriety Jones

    Please honor this request. There are many of us that have family members buried there that find this to be very disrespectful. Not having respect & thinking only of yourself is a huge part of all the bad things going on in our world today.

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    Monica Morris

    It doesn’t sound like a quick process but you can request for a place to be removed from the game.


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    Lori Leopard

    Leaving the Pinnacle last night at 9:44, I saw a car driving through the cemetery. I’m guessing they weren’t there paying there respects.

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    Jennifer Broom Whitten

    Makes me so mad! No respect. Is nothing sacred!!!

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