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  1. 1

    Allen Pugh

    Grayson Valley #16 in the state a Big OK for GV

  2. 2

    Stephen Glenn

    Nice photo – You can almost not see the chain link fencing

  3. 4

    Gail Smith Wright

    Sara, we’ve lived here almost 30 years and the traffic has been horrific the entire time on Hwy 11 and North Chalkville Rd. No matter what they do, it never seems to help. Just have to find ways around it.

  4. 5

    Kay Warren Birdwell

    Don’t mind the traffic myself.I just don’t understand why some of the cars going on Chalk Ville. Road towards Wendy’s don’t realize that they can turn right at the light and go down to Green Drive and not set so long in traffic.You can even go on over to Service Rd when It opens back up and save time.

  5. 6

    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn

    Whoever made the list must not have visited any of these places. Center Point beat out Pinson and Palmerdale?? People don’t even want to drive through here

  6. 7

    Sarah Beth Shubert

    And where are all the other suburbs, this list is only Bham suburbs not Alabama.

  7. 8

    Megan Eilene Markle

    Karen Lamb Pierce moving from 45 to 17

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