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    Jerrod Bennett

    I turned myself in this morning and just got out. They didn’t even contact me to come back in. I broke three doors at My exes house like 2 months ago. Thought there was another dude in the house and I was drunk and didn’t mean to break the first door. Just a bad situation. She had told me to come earlier that day and I sent of a pic of me at the pool drinkin and she got pissed. So I went over there bc she told me not too bc I was like what the heck and no I didn’t steal anything and I didn’t even touch her. I would never touch a woman. I just knew she was cheating and I just wanted proof so I could leave her. Bc I needed a reason so I knew I wouldn’t look back bc i did care about her. So when I didn’t see I guy I felt like crap and just left. Just not fair. I still feel horrible about it though. But thanks The Trussville Tribune for posting this and tryin to ruin a kids reputation for a mistake he made when he was 20. I am a good person and I will come up from this and prove to everyone who crosses my path differently. But thanks. Real professional

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    Jakk Jakk

    Didn’t even sound like you

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