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    Amy Lovell Blalock

    Is this where the other assisted living place was that closed?

  2. 2

    Hannah Johnson

    I think this may be on Hawkridge Rd as you are heading towards the Hawkridge and Hidden Trace neighborhoods? If I’m correct it’s where there used to be a 3 way stop but they took the stop signs off Hawkridge awhile back

  3. 3

    Amy Lovell Blalock

    I googled the address & it looks awful close to the old one but I wasn’t sure. Seems like they would buy the old one & just expand it.

  4. 5

    Renee Pierce

    It is on Hawkridge. When you turn right from the post office it’s half way up that hill on the right. There used to be a stop sign at the turn but they took it up a while back. I heard they were pretty good. Wished they could buy the other one instead of building more though.

  5. 6

    Curtis Norris

    The one that was shut down is reopening under NEW ownership. It is a nursing home. Peach Tree is assisted living. My mother in law is there. We knew they had changed ownership but this is the first we have heard about expansion.

  6. 7

    Doris Alford McPherson

    Independent living! No grass cutting? No changing a lightbulb? Sign Tom and me up right now!!

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