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  1. 1

    Kathy Sills

    Congratulations…and thank you Mayor Melton for your service

  2. 4

    Sheila Willoughby

    So excited! Way to go Buddy!

  3. 5

    Chuck Biddinger

    WOW, Trussville folks have got smart. The tax and spend mayor is gone! No, I will not move back to Trussville, but I am very happy!

  4. 6

    Kathy Sills

    Let’s do this Anthony Montalto

  5. 9

    Jacob Allen Hudson


    You got that right!

  6. 10

    Jacob Allen Hudson

    Now it’s time to stop Trussville first Baptist running Trussville. READ MY LIPS “‘NO NEW TAXES” cut your spending, finish what you started. Generate revenue from those unfinished projects. Then build more. Which, btw, the new shopping area on HWY 11 northbound side isn’t being built by Trussville… Only approved by Trussville shockingly. Now it’s time to stop making it hard to attain a liquor license and to ALLOW THE BREWERY TO COME TO TRUSSVILLE

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