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  1. 1

    Jacob Allen Hudson

    Won’t vote for choat now… BAD endorsement

  2. 2

    Jason Putman

    Well, aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine.

  3. 3

    Suzi Trammell Sockwell

    Which means Montalto needs to be elected!

  4. 4

    Scott White

    That’s why I will vote Montalto…

  5. 7

    Shawn Abel

    Well since he has endorsed choat I will definitely vote for Montalto now!!!!

  6. 8

    Kevin Small

    All joking aside, does that hurt or help Choat?

  7. 9

    Chuck Biddinger

    I agree Shawn. I have moved and can’t vote, but I will put a Montalto sign in my yard at my Trussville house.

  8. 10

    Michelle Quattlebaum Daniel

    If he supportes Mr. Choat, that is his choice. However, to insinuate that Mr. Montalto’s heart is not in the right place is very bothersome to me.

  9. 11

    Elizabeth Womack

    We were blessed to have three wonderful choices for mayor. God bless all these men and there families to be willing to be dissected by everyone. Thank you Melton, Montalto, and Choat for loving our community.

  10. 12

    Jason Putman

    You people are hilarious. If he backs one candidate, you gripe about that. If he had not backed either you would have griped about that too.
    Just be glad that you had a mayor that truly cared about the city for two decades. And don’t cry when your city is facing financial troubles in the coming years.

  11. 14

    Harry Gulledge

    I just hope Buddy will rebuff those Melton supporters who wanted to spread lies about Anthony Montalto or this could be a long 6 weeks.

  12. 15

    Tammy Harrison Palmore

    Please do not allow him to choose your future. Melton did not win for specific reasons Anthony Montalto will move our city forward with a truly giving heart.

  13. 16

    Scott Sizemore

    More like pathetic! Comments by bystanders who more than likely didn’t vote in the first place and won’t now either.

  14. 17

    Hunter Wright

    what Montalto lies were there?

  15. 18

    Harry Gulledge

    Some we’re saying that Anthony , if elected, would sell the Utilities Board and fire all of the
    Dept heads among other outrageous things.

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