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    Carrie Anne Chapman Willingham

    See photo, Michelle Quattlebaum Daniel?!!!!

  2. 4

    Deanna Hunt

    Vicki Carlile
    The old high school

  3. 5

    Jennifer Tomlinson Lee

    Look at this precious Nelms kids!!!! Kenley Nelms

  4. 6

    Pam Carr

    Great pic!! Kenley Nelms

  5. 7

    Lynne Simpson McCollister

    Such a sweet family! Love the Nelms!

  6. 8

    Rebecca Harkness Clark

    I graduated from here! Happy place!

  7. 9

    Harold Neely

    Highsteppers 1969 in front of the high school. Glad that it continues to serve the community.

  8. 10

    Kathy Hollingsworth Varnadore

    A lot of happy memories surrounding those children!! Class of ’70!!!

  9. 11

    Brian Stanley

    They obviously weren’t told about the ghost in the boiler room. #memories

  10. 12

    Jason Lancaster

    Uhh…. What’s a boiler room? Lol

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