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  1. 2

    Kim Klassen Moore

    Really? No compassion for the families at all? This is what is wrong with people!

  2. 3

    Aaron Beard

    Is there some way you guys can change the way you do these articles? Some way to indicate before opening if it’s a Trussville or our area event vs when it’s somewhere else. Not saying I wouldn’t read or don’t care… But it helps to know that going in

  3. 4

    Brian Stanley

    They used the word “Metro” as the first word of the title.

  4. 5

    Aaron Beard

    Gotcha… Missed that. But now I will be on the lookout for when wild stuff gets posted

  5. 6

    Brian Stanley

    Also, the vehicle in the picture says, “Brighton Police.” I’m not picking on you, Mr. Beard. I just think the Tribune does try to make that distinction for us.

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