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    Christopher Batchelor

    It wasn’t about drugs yes the daughter used drugs but the mother was fighting her because because she wouldn’t get on a truck with a guy to be gone for 2 months with that guy and now he had just told her mom he was done with her so the mom was trying to get the daughter to go with the guy because she knew the money the guy was sending the mother every week was about to stop coming so the mother was pissied at the daughter for that and also understand the mother was drunk and pilled up the mother was the one that started physically attacking her daughter the brother pulled the mother off the daughter but the mother got away from her son and started attacking her daughter again continuously beating the daughter in the face. Ask yourself what would of you done. She was not trying to kill her mom she was trying to protect herself.Yes she made it look bad for herself buy running away but the daughter was scared of being arrested on warrants she had out on her in another county. But hopefully this will give the daughter time to think about all the bad decisions she has made in her life and get off drugs.but I hope she is found NOT GUILTY OF MURDER because she was trying to protect herself from being beat

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    Bama MC

    Dude there is not a scratch on this drug addict murderer ,she didn’t get beat in the face too bad now did she ?and the mother didn’t have a weapon period ! Your drug addict friend did ,and then ran ! And hide ! Those warrants were the least of her problems after she killed someone ! If you really care about your friend then she needs to go to jail to get off drugs ,and maybe be rehabilitated ,and quite frankly I don’t believe a word you said

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