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    Bama MC

    Why don’t they just let the people decide ? We all can think for ourselves without biased opinions from our politicians.if you don’t like the lottery cool don’t play it ,but to not let the people decide ,and keep our states economy at one of the lowest in the USA for your own religious beliefs is just wrong sir ! We the people want to vote on this matter

  2. 2

    Lance Pate

    Danny thanks for working to make all of this as transparent as possible for the people you represent. We’ll done.

  3. 3

    Lee Brewer

    You can’t legislate morality. The lottery is being played by Alabama residents via TN, FL, MS, and GA.

  4. 4

    Andrea Berneche

    Thank you Danny for your integrity and wise assessment!

  5. 6

    Diane Poole

    Danny, I’m thankful you’re representing us in Montgomery. You’re definitely looking out for our best interests. Thank you!

  6. 7

    Mike Rowe

    As Paul Harvey used to say – “now you know the rest of the story”

  7. 8

    Chris Barnett

    The problem is not the lottery or letting the people decide. The problem is Montgomery’s plans on the money.

  8. 9

    Jeremy Horton

    I believe this was the wrong lottery bill and I’m glad it died. That being said, he should rethink his general stance on the lottery. The fact is that we are driving across state lines and spending our money to send kids in Georgia to college. We need a lottery for education, and maybe even Medicaid as well. What we don’t need is a lottery that is a blank check for the general fund.

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  10. 11

    Jeremy Purvis

    only dumbasses vote against the lottery and casinos, its all going out of state..wake up

  11. 12

    Christy Hodgson Long

    Ha! I’d pull out my phone that I had already set to record! While smiling widely, I’de ask if he was ready for jail!

  12. 13

    Shane Patterson

    I think most people agree with this assessment – put aside the overwhelming majority for education and Medicaid, assigned the rest for social services that the that the state provides -keep it out of pet projects. This is not rocket science.

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