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    Seth Austin

    Lol I wonder why no one ever talks about wanting more white students/teachers at a Birmingham city school…If our goal is diversity shouldn’t it go both ways?

  2. 2

    Heather Peacock

    The race of the teacher shouldn’t matter, what should matter is how does of a teacher they are

  3. 3

    Eric Leslie

    Let’s be honest, one of the reasons trussville broke away was to get chalkville students out.

  4. 4

    Kathy Sills

    Oh my gosh…get over it

  5. 5

    Terry Yerby

    Talk about racism, this is it, hiring a teacher only because of skin color, or accepting a student for the same reason.

  6. 6

    Seth Austin

    Isn’t it funny how the ones always crying “racism” always turn out to be the true racists

  7. 7

    Amy Lovell Blalock

    Nothing about this surprises me….

  8. 8

    Jane Scoggins

    My my my, I have heard it all. Nothing like backing up 30 years.

  9. 9

    Wayne LaShaun Murrah

    The reason Clay Chalkville was created was due to the enormous overcrowding at Hewitt, had nothing to do with Trussville wanting anything. It was Jefferson county decision. That is a solid fact

  10. 10

    Donna Fields

    I am so sick of the race word, how can we move forward when we keep going back, how can people require blacks to move to Gardendale ‘ s school district. You go to school within the district you live. If you don’t like the district your in then move. If you can not afford the housing in a school district, do more for yourself to better yourself. This is the land of opportunity, you have to work harder.

  11. 11

    Jeremy Ware

    “Hey your school system is too white” not racist at all

  12. 12

    Sherry McCoy Smith

    Oh good lord…this is ridiculous

  13. 14

    Elise Pass

    But once Trussville got there on school system they immediately shut down all of the trailer parks. Students are bussed to Kermit from Grayson Valley because they could no longer go to Trussville

  14. 16

    Michelle Parrish

    Yes! All these other schools pulled out with no issues! I dont have a dog in the fight anymore except my property tax but this shouldnt be an issue!

  15. 17

    Kathy Sills

    Then move in trussville city limits…that simple…

  16. 18

    Brooke Baker

    Wayne LaShaun Murrah is exactly right. It was our class that was first divided. We know all how it went down. From the first vote to the final vote.
    Even “after” the split our Junior year, we still had well over 500 graduates our senior year. That’s with the Clay split.
    It was due to over crowding!

  17. 19

    Anne Snider Steward

    Im bigger than this and NOT wasting my time reading it. Just from the headline, it looks like excuses and more excuses and racism. So…. a negative makes a negative. 🙂

  18. 20

    Scott White

    Kathy Sills
    He was not meaning it the way you responded.

  19. 21

    Jennifer Richards

    I miss Chicago where in the county you live, you get to choose what school you want to go to. You don’t have to move or anything. You just go and do well. This is ridiculous. Stop the nonsense. C

  20. 22

    Kathy Sills

    I see the quotes…thanks

  21. 23

    Kathy Sills

    Don’t you think the top rated schools would be a little overcrowded if that were the case Jennifer Richards…

  22. 24

    Brooke Baker

    There is also the choice to put children in private schools if public schools are not suffice.

  23. 25

    Ralph Harbison

    What if I told you the high school was built for that to happen?

  24. 26

    Philip Sharpe

    Didn’t you hear about the Bham city council meeting a few weeks ago. Bham resident after resident, stood up and spoke saying they didn’t want white people back in Birmingham. Saying next thing you know, we’ll have a white mayor. Of course it didn’t make the news.

  25. 27

    Kathy Sills

    Can’t we all just get along…there will always be rich…medium income and the poor….it stinks but that is the way it is…there will always be those that work and those that don’t not because they cant…but because they want the government and tax payers to pay their way…there will always be haters and those who love so deeply…tired of racism that usually comes from politicians and the media…we can either choose to love or to hate ….not everyone gets what they want or think they deserve…live for God not for greed and selfishness….we are all made in the image of God…if you don’t like living in Alabama or the USA, then go somewhere that makes you happy….Peace to all

  26. 28

    Pat Bentley

    The solution is simple if you want to go to a certain school simply move to the school district.

    I am curious at how many Trussville kids are sent to Huffman or how many Fultondale kids are sent to Carver.

  27. 29

    James S Vining

    I think they all need more Chinese students

  28. 30

    Gina Atkins

    Evidently they don’t visit CCMS or CCHS often. I live about 2 minutes from these schools and I often wonder where a lot of the kids that I see coming in live. It isn’t a racial issue for me but everyone should do as they’re supposed to and go to the school they are zoned for and I blame the schools for not enforcing it.

  29. 32

    Seth Austin

    Philip Sharpe Oh I heard but I didn’t hear it from the news either.. Birmingham has so much potential but sadly the same ones that have always held it back will continue to hold it back. I can’t wrap my head around why some citizens of Birmingham do not want Birmingham to progress at all

  30. 33

    Terry Cameron

    I seem to remember a Clay councilperson from that era.

  31. 34

    Pat Bentley

    Just a simple question: what happens if everyone in that county decided to go to one school?

  32. 35

    Sondra Martin

    Hey, seeing as how Chinese immigrants weren’t allowed to become US citizens until after World War 2, it’s not surprising that there aren’t more. Talk about racism! Most of the Chinese children in Trussville are adopted.

  33. 36

    Kim Rafferty

    Ok…. Stupid! Leeds is quite diverse. Just went through building third new school due to huge hispanic growth. Before that, it was still quite diverse. Idiots.

  34. 37

    Jennifer Richards

    Pat Bentley There are so many great schools. They also have a lottery for choosing. Works out perfectly.

  35. 38

    Terry Cameron

    Federal judges are nominated by POTUS and confirmed by the Senate. Federal Judge U.W. Clemon took office in Birmingham during 1980 as a Jimmy Carter appointee. It was a lifetime appointment. He ‘retired’ in 2009. He can now make more money (with his Fed retirement) in private practice using his Federal friends and influence.

  36. 39

    Whitney Murdoch

    So you read books by their covers apparently 🙂 racism is not what it is about, but everyone deserves an opinion!

  37. 40

    Blake Hayes

    I think we need more teachers with red hair and green eyes they are the biggest minority in the world. Proven fact. Why don’t we care more about red heads?

  38. 41

    Whitney Murdoch

    They are the dying race..it’s science.

  39. 42

    Anne Snider Steward

    Whitney Murdoch not that it’s your business, but a family member read parts of this article to me…so since you want in my bubble… there it is…hahaha 🙂

  40. 43

    Jennifer Bentley Willis

    I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it as long as it applies, “Some people are stupid.”

  41. 44

    Staci McGahey Rush

    Soo sick of hearing this!!!

  42. 45

    Whitney Murdoch

    There what is? You wrote a post saying you weren’t wasting your time to actually read it, but decided to make assumptions based on the title..so I don’t feel like I got in your bubble so much, but just made an opinion on my own after I read the article. Sorry I upset you, more so that I upset you without knowing how I did. 🙂

  43. 46

    Khalia Kennedy

    Red heads aren’t a race??? People across races have naturally red hair.

  44. 47

    Blake Hayes

    So just so we’re clear, you can be a minority and not be a race…What are they teaching kids these days?

  45. 48

    Khalia Kennedy

    So I guess we’re going to pretend like Trussville didn’t zone out apartment buildings… If it was just a rich/middle class/poor thing, then why didn’t they zone out trailer parks too?

  46. 49

    Khalia Kennedy

    “They are the dying race…” is what I’m responding to. I’m taught just fine, but I appreciate the concern.

  47. 50

    DeAndra Price

    Seriously?? Stuff like this is why racial problems will never resolve. It’s sad.

  48. 51

    Chris Hyde

    So much BS. Carver HS is brand new….Huffman HS is brand new. Center Point HS is brand new. Rebuild all the Bham City schools that are dilapidated & rundown….they probably should anyway. But you don’t get to go to HTHS when you live in a $500 a month apt in Chalkville….you wanna go to HTHS, then come over here and buy an overpriced house within the city limits. That’s what I had to do and there’s plenty of overpriced houses on the market. Sorry there aren’t any trailers or apartments in Trussville, so pony up some $$$$ and buy a damn house!

  49. 52

    Kenneth Mcintyre

    Seth Austin , sorry, haven’t you heard ? It doesn’t work both ways. It is set up only to work 1 way

  50. 53

    Kenneth Mcintyre

    it always has to be about race. Without playing the race card, they know no one would ever listen to them. Because they played the race card, the government came into the game against Gardendale forming their own system.

  51. 54

    Jo Seales Ingram

    This is crap… it’s over and they… THEY… just want to drag it out… LOOSE THE CRUTCHES

  52. 55

    Blake Hayes

    Obviously not when you can’t grasp tongue-and-cheek 😛

  53. 56

    Kimberly French

    I believe they are more concerned with loss of revenue than anything else.

  54. 57

    Anne Snider Steward

    I wasn’t aware that I was upset. I just don’t see the point of going back and forth over nothing. You’re post to me was an automatic assumption. Ask before you assume. 🙂

  55. 58

    Alaina Josh Chamblee

    Pay property tax and live in trussville. Who cares if your black or white. I dont see how asking for more blacks is right, what would happen if more whites were requested? Again pay property tax and live in trussville.

  56. 59

    Jason Cole

    Trailer parks or privately owned pieces of land. The landowner decided to sell his property to another individual. That individual build houses on that property. So it wasn’t The CD for school board the closed trailer park down. Grayson Valley has always been in the County, maybe the citizens of that area should move to get Annexed in to the city of Trussville

  57. 60

    Leah Scharf

    -I think Gardendale should be able to have their own system before what’s left in the system ruins it.
    -2 years ago Tville new hires had to all be minorities
    -minorities living in Carrington on free reduced lunch

    There is no way around ‘the system’. Of course Gardendale wants their own system. If I paid $50k to go to college, paid $250k for a home and work my butt off I’d want my children to have the best also.

  58. 63

    Latonya Smith

    All you have to do is move to Trussville Al been here all my life.

  59. 64

    Wayne LaShaun Murrah

    I know for a fact it was built for overcrowding. I was talking with someone who is on the school board now the other day about it and we laugh at that assumption. It had to be done, Hewitt High School was not big enough. Heck we had 8 minutes to get to class. It had been coming for years and finally happened

  60. 65

    Wayne LaShaun Murrah

    I know for a fact it was built for overcrowding. I was talking with someone who is on the school board now the other day about it and we laugh at that assumption. It had to be done, Hewitt High School was not big enough. Heck we had 8 minutes to get to class. It had been coming for years and finally happened

  61. 66

    Kerri Minor LaTorre

    Look at all the racists in Trussville. Wow who knew?

  62. 67

    Angela Bryant

    Why does everything have to be about color?????? If you cut us all open we are all the same on the inside. This is just ridiculous.

  63. 68

    Sarah Thomas

    Jan Lyster Thomas Wendy Lyster EmilyAnn Bennett

  64. 69

    Janice Richardson

    What a mess! I thought that when they built the new Huffman High School it would bring some relief. What happened with that?

  65. 70

    Janice Richardson

    What a mess! I thought that when they built the new Huffman High School it would bring some relief. What happened with that?

  66. 71

    Pat Bentley

    It seems to me if Trussville Gardendale Mtn Brook Vestavia Leeds have better education opportunities and the tax payers voted to pay more taxes to have better education then why doesn’t school systems that claim it’s unfair go to other school boards look at what they are doing and duplicate what they do instead of paying taxes in one location attending school in another that they pay no taxes to.

    Or heck simply move into the school zone you want to attend

  67. 72

    Clint Story

    What a stupid argument. The only beef I have with Gardendale having its own school system is I’m fairly certain they just got a new school facility courtesy of Jeffco BoE not too long ago.. Seems like taking your ball and going home to me. Doesn’t make it racial. But here we can always make shit about race

  68. 73

    Patrick Muth

    At least Trussville is trying to keep the problems out. Yeah I said it.

  69. 74

    Patrick Muth

    At least Trussville is trying to keep the problems out. Yeah I said it.

  70. 75

    Donna Fields

    The squeeky wheel does not always get the oil, some times you take it to the dump. Just saying stop your whining, do something for yourself. Tired of hearing about this .

  71. 76

    Mark LaTorre

    Trussville started their own school system so they wood have much more freedom of their childrens educational envolvment and result. So not to be forced to the demands of others outside their city.

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