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  1. 3

    Jeff Hodgson

    Now we need Queenstown to be paved next.

  2. 4

    Melanie Price Shores

    FINALLY! My cars couldn’t take it anymore.

  3. 6

    Jody Franklin

    And not a day too soon!!

  4. 10

    Kathy Sills

    Seriously…hope they complete it quicker than civitan

  5. 11

    Gail Smith Wright

    Can Service Road please be next?

  6. 13

    Brian Huston Ham

    Carrie Horsley Cunningham I remember when Floyd Bradford was paved last.

  7. 15

    Deanna Jones

    Ruffner Road needs to be paved too!

  8. 18

    Bonnie Smith Smothers

    I’m so excited! It’s getting a little better everyday!

  9. 19

    Robin Delawder

    Just so everyone knows. Not that I’m not thankful for it being paved (finally 2 tires later) but during the construction times it takes forever to get down it. I sat for nearly twenty minutes waiting to get to my moms driveway just to have to wait 10 to get back out the week before last.

  10. 20

    Jane Jones Long

    When is Service Road Scheduled? Last time I asked Trussville I was told Jefferson County and Trussville could not decide who was responsible to pave it. Meanwhile, the holes get deeper!!

  11. 21

    Brandon Love

    What road doesn’t need paved!!! how about a little of the money go towards that 🙂

  12. 23

    Scott White

    Amen!!! It’s awful. I wonder if we can sue the city for car damage.

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