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  1. 3

    Kortney Dixon

    Maybe something for us to follow up on Corey Dixon

  2. 7

    Joyce Latta

    I now know what that building is.

  3. 8

    Sherry Bryant Johnson

    They are the very best! My grandsons stayed at one of their locations for several years

  4. 9

    Carolyn Patrick

    I do too, Joyce. I have wondered. I don’t know anything about the school.

  5. 12

    Erin Mathews

    Awesome!! Heard nothing but great things about their schools.

  6. 13

    Sharee Green

    Ashley Payne, do you know if they offer any type of after school care?

  7. 14
  8. 15

    Billie Howell

    Carolyn and Joyce, you should have asked me.
    I’ve known what it was going to be for about 3 months. Ha

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