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    Stacey Inzina Shipman

    So sad. We have this amazing city full of awesome culture, people, food, music, schools, breweries, bars, restaurants, shopping, doctors, etc….yet we still have too much of this… 🙁

  2. 3

    Fulmer Barry

    Steve A. Hovies The beat goes on

  3. 4

    Anne Snider Steward

    Prayers for our BPD officers. Stay safe!

  4. 5

    Allen Long

    This is the second shooting in as many weeks at a stop the violence rally. I don’t think it will ever stop at least not any time soon. You’ve got a culture that tells these kids it’s cool to be a criminal and a gang banger and everybody wonders why this keeps happening.

  5. 7

    Tjo Johnson

    Those STV events sure seem to be working…

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