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    Starr Howard

    Garret Graham Samantha Pruett

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    Brooke Naramore McKinney

    Kaila Kristine Cherry Carol Wheeler Clowdus

  3. 4

    Mark Atwood

    Why are they so far behind on rent?

  4. 7

    Carol Wheeler Clowdus

    Nicki Pilcher Jacobs
    Fred Peace

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    Carol Wheeler Clowdus

    Nicki Pilcher Jacobs
    Fred Peace

  6. 9

    Michael Jefferson

    Maybe they should lower their prices and then more people would go. I’ve been once, and it cost my boyfriend and I over $100 and we had no alcohol (which usually runs the bill up). On top of that, the portions are horribly small.

  7. 11

    Mickey Watkins-Goodwin

    Probably because it’s not great and overpriced. Just a guess

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  9. 13

    Eric Leslie

    What do they mean by panels?

  10. 14

    Eric Leslie

    Also… 2k per mo. For that building seems like a really good deal.

  11. 15

    Wesley Bowman

    I didn’t know it was everybody’s business to know about where he was on rent. This isn’t “news.”

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  13. 17

    Jeremy Purvis

    maybe we need to let the public know when Megan Miller and anyone on the Tribune staff is behind on their bills

  14. 19

    Vickie Cobb

    Wow It seems to me that the Tribune picks on certain business’s and loves to dog them. Is it because they don’t advertise with them? People in Trussville say they want this or that and then when you get it you don’t support it or you dog it on social media. Own a business, go in debt, pay huge taxes, have employees quit, and then complain about it. Crazy Horse is a nice small business who’s family has been in Trussville all their lives! Wonderful people who have done so much in Trussville. We have nothing else like it. So please quit saying it is too expensive. It’s not mickey dee’s!

  15. 20

    Vickie Cobb

    People who think $100.00 on a meal have never been to a nice restaurant before. Ruth’s Chris would have been more!

  16. 21

    Shannon Jeely Daniel

    I agree, this is not new!!! No ones business was about others finances.

  17. 22

    Bonita Jones Franklin

    I’m guessing they posted this about finances so if they close no one will be surprised

  18. 23

    Joni Brackner Parrish

    great food…fun place….I’m sure it’s a mistake…the Evans are a fine family.

  19. 24

    Judy AndBob Ping

    Really? Nothing else to report?? Except when someone is struggling? This is sad and wrong on so many levels…

  20. 25

    Greg Wilson

    If I was Argo I would shut the doors on this place
    He charges high prices and the food has went down hill since he moved
    Just can’t believe with the high prices he is behind on rent and instead of paying for August or Septembers rent he put in a bid on crap that he want go get
    Argo get him up to date on rent and try and find away to get him out before you get stuck with the check

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