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  1. 1

    Carson Cherry

    Kaila Kristine Cherry dinner??? haha

  2. 5

    Krystal Mendez

    Just not tonight. My stomachs rolling and cramping

  3. 8
  4. 10

    Nichole Jones

    The site is giving me an error. What does it say?

  5. 12

    Sharmene Smith

    Yeah it won’t work for me either.

  6. 15

    Sherina Evins

    So…is this what’s being built right off the interstate??

  7. 18

    Jan Mareno Dunn

    Amy Dunn Peebles Charlie Dunn

  8. 19

    Ashley L. Hill

    It’s in the Walmart shopping center next to Buffalo Wild Wings

  9. 20

    Kimberly Julie

    Julie H. Mccown Kaitlynn Julie Christian Mccown LUNCH!!

  10. 21

    Sherina Evins

    Oh. Ok. Well….what are they building….hummm.

  11. 22

    Wallace Wahd

    I can actually hear Trussville getting fatter 🙂

  12. 27

    Debby Pearson

    Chipotle off interstate.

  13. 29

    Lindsey Karn

    Gives me an error when I click on it…what’s the date??

  14. 32

    Sherina Evins

    Winder why they chose a Chipotle. They’ve been getting a bad report…making people sick. 🙁

  15. 33

    Allen Long

    Cool. Been wondering when someone was going to reopen a Cici’s in that part of town since the old one closed.

  16. 38

    Nancy Drew

    You’re welcome! I know you love them!!

  17. 43

    Diana Brooke Ratchford

    Where are they building a Chipotle?

  18. 45

    Teresa Eady Ruple Needham

    When does it open, the page link is bogus.

  19. 52

    Crystal Goolsby

    Kady Cross Marissa Ledbetter Josh Harp

  20. 55

    Elizabeth Vincent Gillenwater

    Diana Brooke Ratchford Across from Hooters where the Shell Station was torn down.

  21. 56

    Tara Smith Bryant

    Can not get the article up. When does it open

  22. 58

    Lauchlan Smith

    Jonathan Bailey Mia Watkins LOOK AT GOD

  23. 69
  24. 71

    Michael Warren

    I’ll be making frequent trips

  25. 72

    Jonathan Bailey

    WONT HE DO IT!!!! When we goin????

  26. 75

    Nancy Smith

    So miss the one in Cen- terpoint.

  27. 76

    Josh Harp

    Four days before my birthday… YASSS!! haha

  28. 78

    Nub Newcomb

    i know you will you will be there favorite person they will know you by name

  29. 80

    Abby Wright

    I saw this, lol. Let’s go!

  30. 81

    LaQuita Black

    Chasity Lockhart Ash May Robbie Pinky Jackson

  31. 82

    Paul Broadley

    The downfall of Trussville begins!

  32. 84

    LaQuita Black

    Ash May I’m ready whenever y’all are!

  33. 88

    Jana Wallace Walls

    Blake Wallace & Heather Fesler Wallace

  34. 89

    Cindy Stuart

    DJ Riffenburg you should be excited!

  35. 91

    Heather Fesler Wallace

    Already made plans with your father. Haha!

  36. 93

    Dena King-Oliver

    Alright Jessica Woodyard…..you know I have been waiting.

  37. 97

    Lauren Duro

    Jordan Brown see you October 10th?

  38. 103
  39. 104
  40. 105
  41. 106

    Paul Broadley

    When a prominent high class area begins to move in establishments such as this, the decline begins. Next think you know there will be a title loan place next door. Prime example – Trussville will be a Center Point in less than 10 years.

  42. 108

    Jeffrey Johnson

    Now that’s a reason to drive to Trussville.

  43. 109

    Jordan Brown

    I’m going to fuck this place up

  44. 111

    Ashley Renea

    Mary Revell wish that was there the day we all wanted pizza

  45. 113

    Becca Scott

    Brian ScottMichelle Kendall Scott

  46. 114

    Mary Revell

    Lol. Ikr. I Wonder Where In Trussville..

  47. 115

    Mary Revell

    Lol. Ikr. I Wonder Where In Trussville..

  48. 116

    Jarrod Hill

    Ha ha, Trussville hasn’t been high class for a good 20 years now. But yeah, it’ll be center point before long. It’s inevitable

  49. 117

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