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    Kim Holden Jones

    Things that make you hmmmm!

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    Daniel Lincoln

    Buddy’s whole campaign during the runoff has been based on an accusation that Anthony has been bought by a mysterious $12,000 donation from an out-of-town PAC and that Trussville residents should be very concerned about money in politics. Every single Trussville voter is an Alabama Power customer. The fact that Alabama Power contributed $12,000 to Anthony’s campaign means that they think the outcome of the election will have a big impact on Trussville’s future success and their customer base. The fact that Alabama Power is showing so much support to help the Montalto campaign defeat the Choat campaign speaks volumes about the qualifications of the candidates. The take away from this story is that Anthony has earned the support of Alabama Power (one of the largest employers in the state) and that Buddy’s accusations of dirty money in politics have no merit. I am so glad The Trussville Tribune published this story to reveal that the accusations against Anthony are unfounded.

  3. 3

    Carol Miller

    The article says “former ” Al power employees….not the company

  4. 4

    Jessica Weathers Schaub

    Exactly. This article has no real merit.

  5. 5

    Bruce Ludwick

    The narrative among many seems to be: spending money assumes corruption. But…let’s consider this scenario: maybe someone believes enough in Trussville to “bank on it” and has inspired everyone (from grassroots to corporations) to back the future of the city. Anthony Montalto for Trussville Mayor is this person, and he deserves your vote today!

  6. 6

    Jessie Odell

    That’s exactly how I see it Bruce. Some very successful people have invented in Trussville. Successful people who believe in Anthony, his abilities and his honesty. It seems the current mayor and buddy Choat are both trying to spin this into something negative. It’s obvious a vote for Choat is a re-election vote for Melton.

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    Kristi Lyle Jones

    Can someone explain to me how the amount of money you spend on you campaign looks good or bad? I’m not seeing why this matters, but would love to know. Still not 100% sure where my vote will go.

  8. 8

    Butch Cole

    Doesn’t the sudden concern for one candidate’s financial future and the mathematical equation that is being DRIVEN home throw up red flags?

    Outside investment interest is good for the people of Trussville. More worried about the inside influence. Only ones that are worried about the outside interest are the ones that haven’t had to complete. With more investment and competition for our and the city’s money comes more choices, a larger and better at marketplace for the people.
    Seems to me that the day before the biggest election in Trussville history and the increased involvement of a lame duck mayor would have at least warranted a side bar but at least we didn’t get the” micro management of the school board” worked in some how. …of course I haven’t checked the site this morning? ????
    Both got PAC money so really the story is one candidate raised more money, .,and that is bas how?

  9. 9

    Curtis Norris

    Vote for Buddy Choat today!!!!i

  10. 10

    Denton Hooper

    Mr montalto!!! Been is his office a time or two.. Mrs montaltos too haha

  11. 11

    Kim Reid

    Why would ANYONE spend more money to get a job than the job itself pays? Maybe they’re a special kind of stupid aren’t they

  12. 12

    Trevor Waldo

    Part of it is fiscal responsibility, which is absolutely imperative if you are talking about running a city. Do you want to elect someone who is smart with money and uses only what is necessary or do you want a mayor who peppered your mailbox with multiple copies of the same high cost full color card stock flyer?

  13. 13

    Jessie Odell

    Our presidents have been doing it for years…..lol

  14. 14

    Kim Reid

    And they’re also a very special kind of stupid as well

  15. 16
  16. 17

    Marc Ward

    Congratulations Buddy on a HUGE win!!!!!!!

  17. 18

    Marc Ward

    I’d like to thank Tack Back Trussville for rallying Choat supporters and getting them to the polls

  18. 19

    Butch Cole

    Not sure of your intent honestly but TBT is a big collection of citizens, Choat and Montalto citizens but ALL good people who cared enough to step up.

  19. 20

    Butch Cole

    We created a group with several goals in mind and #1 was a new mayor. Accomplished

  20. 21

    James S Vining

    They aren’t spending their money, they spent other people’s money…

  21. 22

    Kim Reid

    Doesn’t matter WHOSE money they spend, I call it being stupid. Maybe they need to go back to economics class and relearn how to be fiscally responsible.

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