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    JustinAshley Bridges

    Leslie Price Clay Chris Jones

  2. 4

    Dana Murray Henry

    Tag is clearly shown in the picture. Surely, TPD knows who this is??

  3. 5

    Jessica Isbell

    Tag looks to be 1BD7578? Not certain on those first 3 numbers/letters

  4. 7

    Heather Jones Weems

    Rebekah Conklin Gregory did you hear the alarm go off?

  5. 8

    Matthew Gregory

    Do you know which house?

  6. 9

    Heather Jones Weems

    Matthew Gregory I don’t. Was hoping you guys might know. If I hear which one I will let y’all know.

  7. 12
  8. 13

    Janis Miller Turner

    Off Deerfoot behind Performance Fitness

  9. 14
  10. 15

    Rhonda Webb

    It said the house they broke into was on Cotton Ridge

  11. 17

    Sunnie Leigh Graydon

    DeAndra Price this is a mile from us!

  12. 18

    Donna Leatherwood Wolfe

    Donna Dunlea Sprague hopefully you get this one it is a comment on the Springville one

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