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    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn

    Also I had asked why the apartments where the man got shot was exempt from having to have security and cameras. Was told the city ordinance is that apartments that have under 5 buildings are exempt. That needs to be changed.
    The mayors name is “Tom Henderson” not “Charles Henderson”

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    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn

    Sharing from “whats really happening in Center Point, Al” Facebook group.
    Thank you for covering Center Point, I just wish you wouldn’t sugarcoat things.

    Listened 2 judges wanting our votes. Nice ladies. Good luck to them. Some citizens got up to speak (including me) one lady (sorry didn’t hear anyone’s names) feels like her and her family are being harassed by the city. She had received multiple citations for limbs and garbage in front of her home that isn’t hers. Limbs have only been there for a couple days. They found some names on some of the garbage that had names on them and have taken it to the sheriffs office. She is worried about the stress this is causing to her 95 year old mother in law. My question is: isn’t the city suppose to be coming around picking up limbs on the side of the road? 2-person is concerned about the speeding along Polly reed. Has asked about placing speed bumps, which we have asked about lots of times, mayor said Jefferson county won’t do it. He said also the city could be responsible if someone wrecked cause of the speed bumps. The guy asked if they was putting property above someone’s life. He’s afraid for his kids getting hit. I AGREE TOTALLY!! Someone else asked: why is he getting citations for parking in his yard but Foster wrecker has lot and lots of broken down junk parked in the grass. I see the solution would be for Foster wrecker to put those black out strips through their fences so no one can see through the fence. Problem solved . I asked if the money that will be collected from the traffic cameras be used for sidewalks and street lights. The money can only be used for safety so to me sidewalks and street lights should fall into that category. Maybe it will keep anyone else from getting hit and killed like the young man recently. . I also asked if the apartment had cameras and security where the guy was shot up. Nope they are exempt because the city ordinance is that if there is less than 5 buildings they don’t have to. Hummm why have an ordinance if it’s not gonna include all of the apartments. ok now on to the Patterson House. It will cost around $16000 for John Malaney (not sure if names right) someone hired by the city, to fix the leaky roof, pressure wash and stain the decks, replace 616 feet of rotting railings around the pond at Harvey Reed park, replace 6 bridges also at the park and doing the handicapped ramps at im guessing at the Patterson house. (Money pit). M&M contractors was given the job for the ramps but inspector said they haven’t been able to get in touch with them. So it’s going to this guy instead. Next: the Mayor and council is urging all residents to vote YES to amendment 14, I still have to research what it’s about cause they didn’t explain it. I’ll post later when I figure out what it is. Next: someone from the senior center got up and spoke about the senior bowling team and the seniors getting ready to go on a trip. Mayor said something about the city is fixing to build onto the senior center. Glad they can afford to do that especially since I’ve asked if they could have something for the adult handicapped people in the city, was told the city doesn’t have money yep pissed me off BIGTIME!!! One more thing is that the council agreed to raise the rates of the city lawyer from $175 an hour to $225 an hour. Why are we paying OVER $20,000 a month to lawyers. That’s about it. If anyone there can add whatever I forgot please do

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