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    Chuck Biddinger

    ““The only thing that I lack to make the location truly authentic is to install the original Standard Oil sign,” Neason said, stating that city ordinances have kept him from being able to restore the sign to its original location.”

    The city of Trussville has some crazy sign ordinances. They went by American’s First and told them their sign was too high and they said they would have to lower it. LOL Problem is American’s First is in the city of Birmingham.

  2. 2

    Leah Scharf Miller

    I’m so excited about this article! I hope Trussville takes notes! This is by far the best thing going on in Trussville. It’s clean, classic and not a strip mall! PLEASE allow the original sign to go back up!
    Thank you Rocky & Chet for letting me have my rehearsal dinner party here! All of the guests really enjoyed the cars, motorcycles and vintage setup.

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    Brody Roberts

    The owner has some nice Corvettes.

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    Terry Yerby

    yes they do have crazy sign ordinances. my family & me had a HVAC business on the corner of main st. and chalkville road and they drove us crazy about the sign on the building, until we finally moved out of the building. They also put a 80 year old woman in jail for painting over a existing sign at first united Methodist church….anyway your store is awesome, I go by it all the time.

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    Laura Griffith Dotson

    Tanya Bullock Hindman–would be great for senior pics for guys!

  6. 6

    Tanya Bullock Hindman

    Yes!! I’ve actually driven by and thought I needed to get up the nerve to ask if I could do photos here!!

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    John Patterson

    It is a cool place and makes me smile. Kudos to Mr. Neason. IMHO There should be an exception granted for signs with historical significance. What would it hurt?

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    Dominique Neason

    For those interested in updates on the museum please “like” our facebook page. We’re hoping to speak with the new mayor about putting the sign up and will keep everyone updated.

  9. 9

    Dominique Neason

    And thank you to The Trussville Tribune for featuring the museum!

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