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  1. 3

    George Abrasley

    Hope the law finds the person that did the threat.

  2. 4

    Erica McNeal

    Renee Bunting Robertson

  3. 8

    Laura McLaughlin

    Mary Kay Shields Franks Amanda Bridges Dunn Kallie Frandsen Laura Hathcock Gibbs

  4. 10

    Jen Rodda Fox

    Does anyone know if all the elementary schools are on lockdown as a precaution?

  5. 11

    Lauren Toohey Nye

    Sure wish they would have informed the parents of the students in the school before we read it on facebook!!!

  6. 19

    Leah Bates

    Is there a reason why we parents get to read about this on FB news report rather than an update via robocall, or text, or something, or did I just not get that? I understand too that they may not want to alarm parents. But if that is the case… We are now alarmed.

  7. 24

    Lauren Toohey Nye

    Jenny McCollister Auvil I understand they don’t want parents showing up there but we need to know what is going on

  8. 25

    Sondra Martin

    Have the other schools been checked?

  9. 26

    Bonnie Melendez Arnold

    Liz Merrill, I’ve been trying to call you!

  10. 27

    Deborah McCord

    Guess they are dealing with the chaos!! But I would be upset too!!!

  11. 29

    Crystal Bridges

    A family member (not from here) called to tell me she heard it in the radio! Yes, it would have been nice.

  12. 30

    Leah Bates

    I understand needing to keep it under control by not announcing just yet…. However, the Trussville The Trussville Tribune Has now announced it for those that just happen to catch it in their news feed. Good Job!

  13. 32

    Lauren Toohey Nye

    Crystal Bridges my husband just happened to drive by and see the emergency vehicles

  14. 34

    Nicki Christian

    Well I think their first concern is your child first and making sure they are in a safe location.

  15. 36

    Lauren Lawrence Taylor

    Yes on lockdown. No one in or out of the school at this time.

  16. 38

    Jen Rodda Fox

    Lauren Lawrence Taylor do you know is this just magnolia or also at Paine and cahaba?

  17. 39

    Amy Kirchner Posey

    Students and teachers are in a storm shelter and aren’t aware. Students are told it’s a drill. Robot just removed package from vehicle and they are taking it to nearby woods to blow it up. Told it would only be big enough to damage a vehicle and students aren’t in danger, per Trussville police. Im outside on street by school so just thought I’d let parents know what was said.

  18. 40

    Lauren Lawrence Taylor

    I’m wondering the same! We sign up at the beginning of the year to be able to receive text alerts ab things like this!

  19. 41

    Elizabeth George Smith

    I am wondering the same thing!!! With all the ways they have to notify us, why am I learning about this this way?!?!

  20. 42

    Kimberly Rochelle

    It was very nice of you to provide this info. Thank you.

  21. 43

    Crystal Bridges

    Nicki Christian, by brother is a Bham cop. I understand. But, the news shouldn’t know before us.

  22. 44

    Jen Rodda Fox

    I was wondering the same thing

  23. 45

    Nicki Christian

    What would you parents that are complaining about reading it on Facebook, do if there was no Facebook? They are getting the info out as fast as they can and it sounds like they are handling it properly by making sure your children and the staff are safe first.

  24. 48

    Leah Bates

    Amy Thank you for the update! Please keep us worried parents updated.

  25. 51

    Lauren Lawrence Taylor

    Not even close. When school is cancelled in the mornings due to snow or ice everyone is sent a mass text alert within minutes. There’s no excuse as to why parents were not notified.

  26. 52

    Kari Patterson Brooker

    Have the other schools been checked??

  27. 53

    Kerri Mahaffey

    Media probably heard the info on police scanner and called the police station for info. I seriously doubt anyone called the media on their own.

  28. 54

    Nicki Christian

    I have tons of friends and family who are police officers also. The news listens to the scanners, that is how they now before you do.

  29. 55

    Lauren Lawrence Taylor

    Jen Rodda Fox oh I’m sorry I read that in such a panicked rush. I have no idea.

  30. 58

    Jen Rodda Fox

    Lauren Lawrence Taylor that’s ok I totally understand

  31. 59

    Nicki Christian

    They can not get into the office to make the calls or send the text, did you think about that? EVERYONE has to be in the shelter!

  32. 61

    Eve Snider

    I know…I’m freaking out!

  33. 62

    Keri Harper

    I actually got an update from my child’s teacher before I read it here.

  34. 64

    Stephanie Graves

    🙁 Stay Calm. It looks like they have a plan in place.

  35. 67

    Amy Kirchner Posey

    They just said 5 minutes and package will be shot and then kids can be checked out of school. So I’m in car line

  36. 69

    Lauren Toohey Nye

    Nicki Christian I agree, but my husband happened to drive by over 1.5 hours ago and see the emergency vehicles….we should have been notified

  37. 71
  38. 73

    Tanya Coy Richards

    I think it’s just Magnolia. If others we would have been notified.

  39. 74

    Renee Pierce

    I am sure they have. Even the high school is not allowed outside right now.

  40. 76

    Eve Snider

    I’m going to spend Charlie’s whole nap time on the computer waiting for an update. I’m hearing gunshots

  41. 77

    Nicki Patterson

    Lynne Simpson McCollister Karen Flynn Varner Karen Colaiuta Yekel

  42. 80

    Jen Rodda Fox

    Well the magnolia parents were not notified so I assume we would not get notified either I just would feel better if I knew they had checked and everything was clear

  43. 82

    Tamatha Patterson

    Me too – should have told us

  44. 83

    Teresa Stone Edwards

    It was just announced on the news

  45. 84

    Eve Snider

    I just heard a gunshot coming from the direction of the school…

  46. 87
  47. 88

    Amy Kirchner Posey

    Shot fired and waiting on all clear to check student out.

  48. 91

    Danielle Quick Jones

    They were taking the suspicious box out in the woods to shot it

  49. 92

    Nicki Christian

    They could not get to the office EVERYONE had to be in the shelter.

  50. 93

    Christy Hodgson Long

    Does ABC3340 know about this yet?

  51. 94
  52. 96

    Cara Michelle Yager

    I have never received a mass text when school is out

  53. 97

    Lauren Lawrence Taylor

    Nicki Christian so there’s not a single laptop or smartphone with anyone right now?

  54. 98

    Cat Henderson Reid

    Thank you for the info! My granddaughter goes there and we are out of town so your update helped tremendously!

  55. 99

    Stephanie Graves

    Yeah.. I am hoping that means that it is small but with the drought maybe not the best idea…

  56. 100

    Eve Snider

    I read that. I’m hoping that’s what I heard and it’s over. Sounded like a gunshot but I was inside. All I can hear outside is a tractor on the farm down the hill from us and dogs barking.

  57. 101

    Jennifer Ford Snyder

    They detonated the package…no secondary explosion. A sweep did not find anything else. Per a parent on the scene

  58. 102

    Gretchen Larsson Bichler

    How did you find that out? I was just going to get my kids.

  59. 103

    Kimberly Brown Vaughn

    Because it is a suspicious package left in a car outside the school they may have purposely withheld the information. In today’s times it could have been a parent of a child from the school involved in a custody dispute or something and they didn’t want to send a robo call or text that could possibly give a “head’s up” to the culprit that the package had been located until after its disposal. This was probably done in an effort to keep your children safe and not to keep parents in the dark. Also, it would make the emergency response team’s job harder if parents found out and compounded the problem with increased traffic and calling the office. Your emergency response team and your school administration has acted in the best interest of your children. Prayers for everyone’s nerves and your children’s safety.

  60. 104

    Lauren Lawrence Taylor

    Also they were able to post on their Facebook about 30 minutes ago. But what about the parents who don’t have Facebook, or are at work not looking at the Trussville tribunes website. When I was a kid the parents had call lists and the teacher would contact the room mom, room mom would contact her list of people, those people would call people. Maybe we need to do that since technology has failed in this particular situation.

  61. 105

    Stephanie Graves

    The students are in a storm shelter

  62. 106

    Karen Colaiuta Yekel

    Thanks for thinking of me Nicki Patterson – Candis actually went near there and they said children were safe in safety shelter. I emailed William’s teacher and she did respond with “we are okay”

  63. 107

    Lori Beth Richey

    I left Paine about 30 minutes ago. They were not on lockdown at that time

  64. 108

    Elizabeth George Smith

    Nicki, I understand your point and there is no doubt we are thankful for the staff that are keeping our kids safe and ensuring that is their top priority! We have an amazing school and staff and I know they are doing the best they can! But, it’s still hard to think clearly through all of that when your kid is there in the middle of it all and all you want is info! I hope you can understand that perspective as well!

  65. 109

    Traci Marek Bacon

    Lauren Lawrence Taylor Maybe everyone involved at the school are more concerned about ensuring the kids are safe and being taken care of and not so much with sending out texts

  66. 110

    Eve Snider

    I know they are safe and Trussville PD is amazing but I’m still going to worry. Even though the kids have “No idea” Eva is going to come home talking about a bomb.

  67. 111

    Emma Katherine Sullivan

    I drove by at about 9 today and saw a Hispanic guy walking around looking around at the ground and it gave me a really weird feeling for some reason. Wonder if it was him

  68. 112

    Kandel Gillison Bridges

    Always call police for suspicious people

  69. 113

    Jessica Ellenburg Worsham

    Emma I think you should tell the cops, u maybe able to id guy

  70. 114

    Emma Katherine Sullivan

    Yeah that’s what I’m thinking I’ll give them a call!

  71. 115
  72. 116

    Jennifer Chinnis Lawley

    Yes. Please call TPD and let them know description.

  73. 117

    Amanda Glidewell

    They were told just not to go outside.

  74. 118

    Sondra Martin

    Getting these children out of harms way and making sure everyone is safe is more important than causing panic and chaos at the school. It appears they’ve done their job well. I applaud them for their level heads and composure. Way to go Trussville School System!

  75. 120

    Jackie Seay

    Paine is not. I just checked my daughter out. Everything is fine there.

  76. 121

    Emma Katherine Sullivan

    Brooke Naramore McKinneyKaila Kristine Naramore

  77. 122

    Lauren Lawrence Taylor

    Traci Marek Bacon it doesn’t take hours to get them into a safe room, only minutes. There’s no excuse for not notifying parents. Like I said they posted on their Facebook page but not everyone sees that. It would’ve taken the same amount of time if not less to send a mass text to all parents. Arguing about this isn’t going to solve the problem. I’m done commenting. I will voice my concerns with the school from now on. I have a right to know what’s going on with MY child and hear it from the school. I have contacted quiet a few working parents that had absolutely no idea any of this was going on bc they’re not on FB at work.

  78. 123

    Lauren Lawrence Taylor

    Cara Michelle Yager you have to sign up for it on their website. They send out info about it when school starts for the year.

  79. 124

    Lesley Rogers Childs

    That is what they call a soft lockdown

  80. 125

    Jackie Seay

    I just got my daughter at Paine about 15 minutes ago. Everything was calm there so that’s good.

  81. 126

    Laura Lopresti

    Amanda Kennemur McLaughlin

  82. 128

    Leah Bates

    The complaint is that it hold not have been leaked until it was under control. Since it was leaked an official next order of business or status of the kids would be helpful. Cause once they come out of bomb shelter they r gonna find out it wasn’t a drill.

  83. 132

    Ryan Jennings

    If the call came in to the Trussville PD, the PD should contact the board, and the board should at least notify the parents and let us know. I understand the teachers and administrators being in a rush and following code to get the kids safe at the school, but the board should notify us. I drove by, and regardless of how many parents may overreact and drive to the school immediately, wasnt a damn soul getting past the barricades etc. I proud of our local paper for getting the story out asap. Heck i work for the tribune! But still think its crazy that parents should find out from an outside source BEFORE we find out from the school or the board. Finding out this way ACTUALLY causes more fear and panic for the parents whose kids are in the school.

  84. 133

    Elizabeth George Smith

    Just got my baby! The school did an amazing job of helping calm the nerves of us frantic parents! Thank you all, Magnolia Elementary staff!

  85. 134

    Martha D Till

    Mark McLaughlin is this near Bailey & Mallory?

  86. 135

    Amanda Bridges Dunn

    I’m thankful they were more concerned about getting my child to safety, then making sure they put out an all-call to parents. Thank you Magnolia staff!!

  87. 136

    Brandi Stanford

    Chasity Talley what the crap.

  88. 137

    Mark McLaughlin

    Not really. Thanks for the heads-up, though.

  89. 138

    Roxanne Keith Corbett

    Wow…. Yes. I hope they’ve checked the other schools too.

  90. 140

    Kristi Salmon Bates

    Vanessa Cadena Carlisle Dianne Garman Rotenberry

  91. 141

    Randi Miller

    Tanya Coy Richards You would not have been notified. According to Cahaba Elementary AND the school district it is not policy to notify parents of soft lockdowns.

  92. 143

    Laura Hathcock Gibbs

    Our children were safe. Yes I would have liked a text instead of someone as my husbands work yelling him and he calling me. But I was 4 streets from.the school and was up there in 1 min. And as soon as it was clear I got my girl and took her home to reassure her she was safe and her school did all they could to keep her safe. I would have much rather them.bw focusing on my child then texting me

  93. 144

    Lynne Simpson McCollister

    I had been in touch with Jenny. John and Sam were on the field trip and safe. She had been in touch with one of their chaperones

  94. 145

    Tara Bradshaw Sellers

    Is anyone else very disappointed that we did not hear from the administration on this and have only heard about it on Facebook and now on Fox 6 news? Shouldn’t there have been an email or School cast sent out to the parents? They posted something on Trussville City Schools after the fact.

  95. 146

    Tara Bradshaw Sellers

    Ryan Jennings Yes!! There should have been a school cast with info saying do not come up here, but here is what we know…

  96. 147

    Edwina Glass Williams

    If the car blew up, would the gas tank not be a problem? Only big enough to blow up car is kinda bad statement to me.

  97. 148

    Edwina Glass Williams

    Did an actual “call” go to police or did someone just kind the “suspicious” package?

  98. 149

    Amy Kirchner Posey

    I was very pleased with how it was handled and the storm shelter was on opposite end of the school. Getting any information at all is always a good thing, so I can’t complain.

  99. 150

    Gretchen Larsson Bichler

    They should have sent a robo call or something. (Maybe is was crazy at Magnolia, but one of the other schools could have done it.) I found it very unprofessional to not let parents know what was going on.

  100. 151

    Elizabeth Dickey Brewer

    I have seen a lot of upset parents for lack of communication and finding out on Facebook via trussville tribunes post. Glad your kiddos are okay. And praying for trussville and Magnolia.

  101. 154

    Jennifer Ford Snyder

    Hopefully it wasn’t a parent walking home after walking his child to school and chitchatting with friends or teachers.

  102. 156

    Beth Furr

    So thankful we have amazing teachers and staff at Trussville schools that make the safety of our babies a #1 priority, they handled an emergency situation professionally and swiftly – those sweet babies didn’t even know there was an emergency. So thankful they’re all safe!

  103. 158

    Jordan Hamilton

    Literally right up the road from my house

  104. 159

    Crystal Bridges

    Lauren Toohey Nye, same thing. This had been going on for 1 1/2 to 2 hrs before we heard.

  105. 162

    Brooke Baker

    Focus and handle the possible- fatal issue at hand and answer questions later!!
    Nothing is ever good enough anymore. 🙁

  106. 163

    Tara Bradshaw Sellers

    Gretchen Larsson Bichler yes central office at TCS should have done it.

  107. 164

    Tara Bradshaw Sellers

    Gretchen Larsson Bichler yes central office at TCS should have done it.

  108. 165

    Gretchen Larsson Bichler

    And they still have not addressed the situation. Parents have not been informed about anything. Thank God for the news!

  109. 166

    Gretchen Larsson Bichler

    And they still have not addressed the situation. Parents have not been informed about anything. Thank God for the news!

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