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    Wendy Lyster

    Why do we not have cameras around the perimeter of all the schools that monitor coming and goings?

  2. 2

    Allen Long

    What are these things typically used for? I keep seeing them popping up around the area. There’s been one on parkway east for a while behind taco Bell and another one is in the parking lot of dollar general on springville Rd.

  3. 4

    Christy Hodgson Long

    Who honestly would have thought some random dude would put a bomb on top of a car in an elementary school parking lot! I’m sure there are cameras on the grounds, but how are officials going to know to put cameras up at driving entrances to places!?!? Let’s be honest, cameras can’t see EVERYTHING. There are “blind spots”. I say THANKS to all of the officers and staff for protecting us all…..even if it was AFTER something (that is fairly unheard of) happens.

  4. 5

    Jeremy Horton

    They record the license plates and alert authorities if a vehicle related to a crime is detected.

  5. 6

    Allen Long

    That’s what I thought. Was just making sure it wasn’t some kind of traffic enforcement like what center point is doing.

  6. 7

    Lamar Adkins

    All the school should have a permanent camera set up at the local police station’s to watch the schools

  7. 8

    Glenn Slocumb

    No one is questing the first responders. They do an excellent job. But wouldn’t you like the person responsible to be caught? I bet the police would love to have a video of the person who did it. Every bank, store, and gas station and yes, most schools have cameras. Because there are random dudes out there who want to cause harm to innocent people.

  8. 9

    Jeremy Horton

    No. The idea is if the criminal element knows you have it they stay out of the area.

  9. 11

    Barbara Sims

    I said yesterday that if there were no cameras Wednesday, there certainly would be Thursday. I sincerely hope there is some way to identify the person who is responsible for that package. Let me add that I absolutely support our policemen and the great work they do.

  10. 12

    Matthew Harmon

    Why are you advertising this? I would keep that quiet in case the local “dirtbags” follow The Trussville Tribune.

  11. 13

    Kalie Grace Hathcock

    I hope they catch that heartless fool

  12. 14

    Nora Robertson

    Yes it there !!! They will do whatever needed to be done in Trussville. And if you are speeding you will also get a ticket in the mail

  13. 15

    Laurie Pryor Brockman

    Did they ID a car with the suspect ? Or did he just WALK it over to the school and walk away ? Didn’t read anything about that.

  14. 16

    Ashley Holloway

    These are not traffic enforcement cameras (like Center Point has) these cameras read license plates & notify police of people with warrants. They also provide footage for police to review if needed. They are used as a deterrent.. these cameras have nothing to do with traffic infractions & they don’t mail tickets. The city of Clay recently purchased 2 as well, they are mobile & can be moved easily.

  15. 17

    Gail Smith Wright

    Do we think the person who put the explosive there is actually going to come back again with this thing sitting there? Should already be cameras all around, exterior and interior, at all of our schools. And they should NOT be so obvious as this thing is. Has no one ever thought of that?

  16. 18

    Pat McLean

    I’m sure all are praying that the person responsible will be found. Things done in secret shall be revealed. No one can hide from God’s eyes!!! Obviously many had prayed and the children were protected!!

  17. 19

    DeAndra Price

    I’ve asked a MILLLLLLLLLLLION times blows my mind. I thought we would have answers by now about The incident.

  18. 20

    DeAndra Price

    Little obvious to uhhh dodge that thing if ur a criminal…good idea but geez

  19. 21

    DeAndra Price

    Well said Glenn. Even the YMCA has cameras every where soooo why don’t our schools. I highly respect the police and my brother is a SRO at a local school I know their job is tough and holds a lot of responsibility but it amazes there has not been any answers. The caller should have maybe stayed and took pics and videos. Idk I would have followed the idiot until police got them or more. I would risk my life for children every single day.

  20. 22

    DeAndra Price

    They haven’t said anything. Which I really want to know. Someone mentioned it being a domestic issue …well ok…inform us. Please.

  21. 23

    Christy Hodgson Long

    Glenn Slocumb
    I know most places and schools have cameras. What I was saying was, how many of those places put up cameras at the entrance?

  22. 24
  23. 25

    Laurie Pryor Brockman

    From what I did hear, the children were completely safe and away from the area of where the bomb was. The school did amazing on that aspect !!

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