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  1. 1

    Doris Franklin

    Our garbage service in Moody needs to change! Advanced Disposal/ Viola so stinks! My garbage can lid is broken & usually has a missing tire!

  2. 3

    Jamie Self Hubbard

    Can Pinson Alabama-Mayor’s Office change too?

  3. 4

    Tracy Edmondson

    I wish Center Point would change!

  4. 5

    Matt Coleman

    I didn’t have a problem with out garbage service .i wish we could can century link that’s what I want to see changed to at&t

  5. 6

    Thomas Burleson

    Advanced is awful maybe Center Point will change too!

  6. 8

    Carlene Cochran

    They really are bad in Moody

  7. 10

    Mark Calvert

    I assume that we put out our garbage in the old container and then they just take the container with them, but they don’t specify this in the story.

  8. 12

    Chuck Biddinger

    Changes again? Someone(s) is being paid off. Serious, they just changed a few years ago.

  9. 13

    Dianne Scott Adams

    If you live in Trussville, you can get landline telephone with Charter cable company. Anyone I know with AT&T is not very happy with it. We cancelled our landline over a year ago. So much quieter in our home now and no telemarketing or political calls.

  10. 15

    Chuck Biddinger

    When I lived in Trussville Advance picked up my cans every week. But I never had a problem with the other company a few years ago. I feel there is something fishy about changing service every few years.

  11. 16

    Matt Coleman

    I have charter telephone ,and it’s fine although we get bombarded with telemarking and political calls . I don’t like charter tv .uverse tv is what I’m wanting

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