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    Curtis Norris

    I still don’t think it was an “Upset”. I predicted months ago she would lose!

  2. 2

    Leighton Wilson

    In addition to that, the polls really weren’t so bad; pundits with no training in statistics were. She’ll still come away with about a million vote popular vote victory, WELL within a standard polling error of most of the polls. The nationwide polls were pretty good, and statewide polls were as bad as they typically are. News media, including The Trussville Tribune for that matter, are looking for patterns and narratives where there’s nothing but statistical noise

  3. 3

    Chuck Biddinger

    I have been a Trump supporter from day one. I wrote a few days before the election that Trump would win big time. I will admit, I was scared Hillary would some how pull an upset.

    The media wanted Hillary and they thought if they lied in the polls, Trump voters would stay home. They only poll folks who have voted in the past 12 years. The missed the millions that voted in this election.

    Was the media really surprised Trump won? Maybe and maybe not.

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