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    Toni Graves Whitten

    Everything I have to save is way past watering anyway. The deep cracks in my yard can testify to that. Along with the dustbowl that used to be a lawn and our shrubs that are just dying a little more every day. I keep praying for rain….good soaking rain.

  2. 4

    Justin Williamson

    See that’s why I haven’t done dishes or laundry

  3. 5

    Scott Coffey

    That’s funny. I do not remember getting a discount on water when it rains for days and floods. I need to look back at those bills.

  4. 6

    Chuck Biddinger

    “During the 2007 drought, we heard comments that some people thought water companies institute surcharges to make more money,” Strength said. “That was certainly not our experience in 2007 and I don’t expect it to be this time. ”

    Mike Strength, I have a question. What have you done to improve the water system since 2007? In nine years nothing has been done to have more water for times like this. I can understand the Birmingham Water Works doing nothing, but I would have thought Trussville would have more common sense and they would have done something. I guess not. 🙁

  5. 7

    The Trussville Tribune

    Trussville Gas and water has increased capacity and added a new well house since the last drought.

  6. 8

    Debra Ann Gray-Elliott

    When are they going to notify customers?

  7. 9

    Scott Coffey

    The Trussville Tribune since the last drought Trussville has had close to 500 houses added to the community too. Might need to add another.

  8. 10

    Randi Brown

    The neighborhood across from Deerfoot Animal Cinic might need to turn the sprinkler off the neighborhood entrance.

  9. 11

    Christina Anderson

    I (and some others I know) are collecting water in a large bowl in the kitchen sink when I wash my hands or rinse a dish or refill my dog’s bowl. Then, I throw that water outside when the bowl is full. I know it’s a drop in the bucket, but every little bit helps! And, I called Trussville Utilities about a water leak in the road in Grayson Valley on Sunday morning. They were there within the hour and had heavy equipment out digging to fix it very quickly! They are doing their part too!

  10. 12

    Ryan Fitzwater

    Does that apply to industrial areas of town where the company has to use huge amounts of water to keep dust from blowing accross the city? Such places as rock quarries and material storage yards?

  11. 13

    Ryan Fitzwater

    Check your mailbox this morning

  12. 14

    Debra Ann Gray-Elliott

    Ryan Fitzwater Nothing there. The W & G man came out yesterday to paint gas meters,but did not mention drought restriction, but did mention Trussville gets its water from wells.

  13. 16

    Stephanie Morris Cleveland

    I called them this am about a leak in our driveway and haven’t heard back. That was about 10 til 8.

  14. 17

    Dale Taylor

    All this while Center Point is out watering the flowers in the medians today with a water truck.

  15. 18

    Dale Taylor

    All this while Center Point is out watering the flowers in the medians today with a water truck.

  16. 19

    Ryan Fitzwater

    Oh there are materials plants all around Alabama flooding their job sites to keep the dust down. Are they paying the surcharge? Sure doesn’t seem like it the way they are using it.

  17. 20

    Ashley Renee

    Greg Baethke have you seen this yet??

  18. 23

    Ryan Fitzwater

    So the little guys pay the surcharge and the big guys get a free pass. I see.

  19. 24

    Greg Baethke

    Yes, I’ve heard about it. Don’t wash your car in the driveway.

  20. 27

    Anita Johnston

    What about the Pet Grooming business’s?? 🙁

  21. 28

    Michael B. Moore

    I’ll be expecting my discount when it rains for days and days in a row

  22. 29

    Matt Coleman

    How do they expect people to obey something most people don’t even know about ? I haven’t received anything in the mail ,if I didn’t have facebook I wouldn’t have known !

  23. 30

    Jeff Galey

    I washed my truck off at the car wash next to old gas station ….. It needed it….!

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