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    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn

    There was also an “attempted robbery” while someone was walking into the meeting. 3 teens approached someone in the parking lot of City hall, told him to give them his money and acted like they had a gun. He got away and told the deputy inside. The deputy took off but they was gone. Safety needs to be more of an issue.

  2. 2

    Kenneth Mcintyre

    “Cameras, I think, will provide a deterrent” lmao! Works very well in banks. That’s why they don’t get robbed! Lol. Sounds like they need cameras, or citizens carry guns to city Hall

  3. 3

    Kenneth Mcintyre

    But they will protect you from a sales person knocking on your door! Lmao! I really question the intelligence, (or lack there of) of those that voted for the idiots

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