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    Judy AndBob Ping

    Saw someone throw a cigarette out in front of my house Sat… was not happy!!! This could happen anywhere…

  2. 11
  3. 12

    Scott Camp

    Any updates you could post as the day goes on would be appreciated. We have many homes across the Cahaba over there.

  4. 13
  5. 18

    Scott Camp

    Anyone with updates…I heard it has grown to 20 acres

  6. 21

    Marah Small

    Literally makes me want to follow them and yell at them.

  7. 22

    Kathy Sills

    Prayers…..Clint Sills

  8. 23

    Janice Richardson

    Is this under control yet?

  9. 26

    Sherry Chapatwala

    Such fires do not start themselves. Idiots usually do.

  10. 27

    Scott Camp

    We saw a blue 4 wheeler in the woods on Deerfoot last week. Not saying that started it, but I know the police try to patrol those woods. They are posted as off limits. Special thank you for Trussville Tribune for keeping us informed. I have not seen this on any other news outlets.

  11. 28

    Kristen Hayden

    My brother and I used to live off Roe Chandler Rd (before they put Fred’s there) and we used to run all throughout those woods. I miss those days. What I wouldn’t do to have them back.

  12. 30

    Curtis Cannon

    Fire is still burning and it’s NOT contained by my house. RaShanda Williams Cannon

  13. 31

    Scott Camp

    Fire is over the hill at deerfoot bridge. This is containment?

  14. 32

    Traci Edwards Collins

    Does anyone know the procedure for how they would let us know if we need to evacuate? Hoping that’s not the case!

  15. 33

    Curtis Cannon

    You can clearly see it’s still burning from the road!!!! Makes no since I called 911 and they act like it’s no big deal!

  16. 34

    Curtis Cannon

    I called and asked that question and they don’t know anything, completely worthless

  17. 35

    Curtis Cannon

    My entire neighborhood is full of smoke and we can see it from the road still burning with no one around!! How is this contained????????

  18. 38

    Curtis Cannon

    Ok called 911 again the said ppl are out there now trying to finish it off and it’s contained (called 3 times to make sure they all said the same thing)

  19. 39

    Traci Edwards Collins

    Thank you for calling them and checking! I’m praying it stays contained!

  20. 40

    Scott Camp

    If the wind will lay for a couple hours hopefully rain will get it.

  21. 41

    Scott Camp

    What is happening. Lots of people stopping on deerfoot bridge. Are they in your neighborhood

  22. 42

    Curtis Cannon

    Probably so I just drove by and it still moving towards us. Praying for rain here very soon

  23. 43

    Hannah Navarro

    I live in lake vista and it’s all in my neighborhood, is anyone out there ?

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