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    John Alex Floyd

    I think we need to be in the top 5 systems in the state as we were when the system started after two years.

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    Jessie Odell

    We have an amazing school system with lots to be greatful for and lots of folks working hard. At trussville we can still stand to see improvement, but I feel much of the way we improve will be up to us parents. It’s so important that we too learn and understand the curriculum being taught so that we can also help our students from home. A study guide would be a great start. We have to suppport our school system anyway we can to make sure we have continued forward motion. Our kids not only need to be able to compete with neighboring school systems but also globally. We need to attend all the meetings and work sessions to find out how we can partner with our schools to help this to happen. We are all invested financially in our new schools, let’s help to make sure we get the most for our money. We have some incredible educators, but we have to continue that education and work at home also.

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    Cicily Welch Mobley

    I absolutely agree Jessie. We are our children’s primary teacher. Our children have to be able to compete on a national and global level. I love calling this home, but we do not need to celebrate our averages being at the top of a failing state. We have wonderful teachers in Trussville City Schools, but we can not keep using the excuse that teenagers go through life events and that hormones are the reasons for lower test scores. Hormones are not unique to Trussville, Alabama. These are National tests and so children of the same age across the country have the same hormones and life events. It’s time to raise the bar as a system and as a state. Our incredible teachers deserve that respect for the job they do.

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    Jessie Odell

    I agree. We need to not be 5, but strive to be number one. I’m good with being number 5 in the nation. We can’t pat ourselves on the back if we are already competing with average. I did in fact specifically ask Mrs Bruno for the guide she and her group created for the teaches to teach from. So hopefully it is ready for us to pick up copies of it soon. It would be covered in our freedom of information laws. I’d encourage everyone to call and ask for it so this doesn’t fall by the way side. One thing I’m sure of is this school system welcomes parental involvement. Dr Neill told me that herself, so I’m sure it’s as important to them to get it to us as it is for us to have it so we can help them. I’m even willing to volunteer at central office to help make hard copies of it. Maybe some other parents can to?

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    Kristi Lyle Jones

    I’d be happy to help too! I’m excited about all the great things happening in our schools. I know if TCS and parents can build a strong, open partnership we can be top in the nation. The first step is open communication!

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    Jessie Odell

    Kristi Lyle Jones your right we have so many positive things to celebrate in our schools.

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    Justin Wood

    Without reading the article I can imagine Pinson and Clay are fighting for second-place way distant behind Trussville.

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