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    Danielle Quick Jones

    I have heard really good things about them, cannot wait to try for myself

  4. 9

    Susan Lollar

    Across from the shopping center with Tuesday Morning in it

  5. 10

    Sid Minton

    Best pizza I’ve ever had.

  6. 11

    Bradley Jones

    Ate at one in Scottsboro last week and thought it was pretty good. Nice to have an alternative to the same old choices.

  7. 13

    Jennifer Poole

    DELISHHHHH!!! So excited!

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    Ann Harney

    Brooke Renae Maniscalco Jason Harney

  9. 16

    Erin Mathews

    I saw a ton of people in there tonight! Anyone know what type pizza they have? So tired of our current options.

  10. 19

    Sharon Morris Carter

    I was wondering when they were opening. Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to try it.

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    Patience Kleber Itson

    we need a newks!!! or a mellow mushroom!

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    Lindsey Larson

    Glenda, you and dad be sure to give this place a try! Casey and I loved it when we lived on 280!

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