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    Barbara Boteler Foshee

    Helped set up the Giving Hope shopping mall at Grants Mill today. Absolutely. Blown. Away.

  2. 3

    Karen Jones

    Wow Leslie, there are alot of places that do this in our area. I didn’t know about this one. Lot’s of happy kids this year! 🙂

  3. 4

    Dan Hillman

    I can’t believe this church is actually supporting Target with all their off the wall and anti Christian views

  4. 5

    John Francis

    The title including partnering with Target (by anyone McSweeney/Highlands) is misleading as the only connection is where McSweeney chose this establishment to purchase the toys at. Highlands is the recipient of said toys purchased by the McSweeney foundation so Highlands is not supporting nor partnering with Target at all.

    Regardless, that’s not the point. The point is these generous folks from McSweeney chose to give to an already successful vision in Giving Hope rather than creating their own process and God gets ALL the glory.

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