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    Melanie Waller Glover

    This makes me sad. Karen Karen Sanchelli Johns is a wonderful person who loves the kids she serves. With 2 student athletes in TCS, I always saw her at games–no matter where they were–supporting the program and the students. She will be missed!

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    Jennifer Amick

    Heartbreaking…..This is the 2nd time too! Praying for peace and success, wherever your path leads you.

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    Kimiko Roberts Griffin

    Coach Karen Johns has done amazing things in the Trussville community! Where others see obstacles, she sees solutions. Where others see deficits, she sees potential. It takes a champion to think like this. It takes years of training and competition in extremely high stakes arenas to cultivate this kind of vision and commitment. I have long been a student of athletes. I love athletics because I love the by-products of hard work, team building, and competition. I love how coaches can guide their athletes through these processes to become capable leaders. Karen has learned much as a All-American 4 year lettering SEC softball star. She is a 4-time Olympic Gold Medalist, as well as champion of numerous other gold medals at practically every top level of international competition in her sport. She basically went around the world whooping butt!!! Then she immediately turned to coaching her younger colleagues, in college and back into the international forum. Again, she went around the world and kicked everybody’s butt! She has a way of inspiring that is incredible. Just ask the kids and parents who know her here in Trussville!!! (And you WILL, no doubt, be hearing from them too.)
    She continued to claim medal after medal coaching young athletes all over the world, including a silver olympic medal for her players in 2008 – Just Google: Hall of fame Career of Karen (Sanchelli) Johns, you will say how in the world did we get her here in Trussville, Alabama? It was God. She has healed so many places that no one even knew were sick. While here, she has fought for equality among all the sports and especially the girls’ teams according to Federal Title IX statutes. She has been bringing this community up to speed with what makes athletics best in America. Karen Johns definitely would know! Change has been difficult and disheartening for her here, but her passion for young people loving who they are, fuels her determination. I am certain that her decision to resign was in line with that same educational vision. She has contemplated leaving before, as the Superintendent mentioned in this article, but the promised changes for herself and her colleagues were never honored. So here we are again losing the best ever. I wonder if the school board and Superintendent, would release her resignation letter in its entirety, (with her permission of course), so the people of this city can be made aware of what actually prompted this decision. BTW, did I mention Coach Johns is a coach’s wife too? We love and trust you Coach Johns. GO HUSKIES!

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    Leah Starrett Burke

    So disheartening…she is truly in it for the kids and making a positive difference in their lives!

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    Candi Rousseau Adair

    Amazes me that the article states she has no clue why she resigned. Really??? I think working with someone that did things as big as Karen Johns did that was everywhere doing her job above and beyond the call of duty you would have to know. She didn’t just all of a sudden throw in the towel! Lets be serious. She had good reasons I feel sure. It’s a shame to let someone that has changed this school system slip away. Whoever gets her will realize what they got I feel sure. Wow they will be lucky. Very Sad.

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    Beth Furr

    Karen Sanchelli Johns
    will go down in history as the greatest asset to Trussville City Schools! She changed lives daily whether it was with a smile, some daily encouragement, or just being there to let the kids know she loved them and they had her 100% support – the kids respect and love her and truly appreciate HER hard work and dedication to them!!
    We are forever changed because of this one lady! She is a blessing and this is a HUGE loss for our school system and community!
    We stand behind her, support her, love her and always will!

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    Beth Furr

    As a community and parents of athletes we all stand behind her and we won’t sit back and allow this to continue happening! Good, honest people like her don’t “just resign”. HUGE blow to our school and community!

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    Monique Williams Summers

    So sad to hear this- Karen Sanchelli Johns , you will be greatly missed. You do a fantastic job and are very loved by this community!

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    Monique Williams Summers

    So sad to hear this- Karen Sanchelli Johns , you will be greatly missed. You do a fantastic job and are very loved by this community!

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    Jill Bowers Joganic

    Never met anyone that loves the kids more than Karen Sanchelli Johns!

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    Jill Bowers Joganic

    Never met anyone that loves the kids more than Karen Sanchelli Johns!

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