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    Gaston Williamson

    The Tragic City needs a new Mayor, City Council and a Real Police Chief that treats the Criminals like what they are Thugs.

  2. 3

    Brian Wells

    City needs new leadership and get all them idiots out of office

  3. 4

    Jan Mareno Dunn

    NEW LEADERSHIP NEEPED!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!! Enough is enough!!!!

  4. 5

    Rose Herring Cobb

    New leadership? That ship sailed back in November along with the little hope that was left. There’s no one to blame but ourselves for voting the crooks back in office.

  5. 6

    Michael B. Moore

    How can you be surprised? I walked into the bham police substation and the cop at the front desk was so busy watching television to acknowledge that I had even walked in the door.

  6. 7

    Albert Pride

    You all have any names in mind as successors?

  7. 8

    Lisa Harlan Belcher

    Birmingham is a very dangerous place to live. I won’t be retiring here.

  8. 9

    Donna Jean Bowman

    Now what’s the count for Jefferson County?

  9. 11

    Jeffrey D. Bramer

    I don’t blame the city leadership. I blame the lack of parenting skill, I blame the culture that solves problems with violence, I blame the tolerance the community has for violence, I blame rap music, I blame people who think the government can solve social problems, I blame people who don’t report crime, I blame people who don’t cooperate with the police, I blame glamorizing the life of crime, I blame parents who don’t participate in their child’s life, I blame people who don’t work, I blame people who drop out of school, I blame the people who are killing everyone.

  10. 12

    Janina J Larsen

    I love what Birmingham is trying to do with the city but it’s a dangerous place and I will not go to the downtown area for eating or anything at night

  11. 13

    Linda Harmon

    It’s terrible in B’ham, I hate it.

  12. 14

    Scott Reed

    Why can’t all the black leaders get this under control… mmmm

  13. 18

    Justin R. Kerlin

    Just watch the show First 48 Birmingham is almost on every episode lol

  14. 19
  15. 20

    Chris Roberts

    We got a long way to go before we can beat Chicago.

  16. 21

    Ashley Renee

    No it’s not they only filmed one season lol producers were getting death threats and said it was too dangerous to continue filming

  17. 22

    Justin R. Kerlin

    Ashley Renee thats why they are on season 16 right

  18. 23

    Andrea Bgw Carter

    Very well said… lack of respect for humanity is what it all boils down to.

  19. 24

    Gaston Williamson

    All of the Birmingham City Officials are on the take

  20. 26

    Kevin Johnston

    Still better than montgomery

  21. 27

    Gaston Williamson

    As more people move downtown Birmingham soon there will be a new majority and with that there will be hope im a New Bir

  22. 28

    Tricia Hawkins Thomas

    Shameful! These killers need love and guidance!!! Not condoning any act of violence but what they DONT HAVE CONTINUES TO SHOW ITSELF THROUGH VIOLENCE! Pray!!!!!

  23. 29

    Roger Thompson

    That type leadership has not much to do with it. Jeffrey is cotrect. It is culture and the replication of it and the inability to adequately intervene. I have discerned from work and life experience. Marching, rioting, Al Sharpeton, Obama, etc is no answer and worsens variables, attitudes and mind sets. Now there is where the leadership is lacking or wrong headed.

  24. 30

    Roger Thompson

    You got that right dude.

  25. 31

    Eddie Smith

    Who do you blame for all the heroin deaths? Why the trussville tribune is not reporting that? Too close to home huh?

  26. 32

    Jeffrey D. Bramer

    Eddie Smith the article is not about Heroin deaths. I am staying on topic.

  27. 33

    Jeremy Horton

    The statistic that is left out of this article is that the majority of these are confined to certain areas of the city and involved people who know each other. It’s still very unlikely to get randomly killed in the city.

  28. 34

    Lynne Elsberry Bates Ferrante

    I knew it was bad. My goodness! One day they reported many in one day. It’s so sad bc it’s youth, mostly. Just think for a moment, having a kid who met the profile and statistics. Horrible !
    There’s going to be a missing link in the generation. It’s scary and sad.

  29. 35

    Latonya Rogers

    Its Always Birmingham lol

  30. 36

    Latonya Rogers

    Cause its Always someone keeping and helping them be corrupted …….mmmmmm

  31. 37

    Latonya Rogers

    Is that what we trying to do??

  32. 38

    Angel Prado

    My friend Cortez was one of those murder victims… R.I.P Cortez

  33. 39

    Randy Wiginton

    all democratic and black run citiies are the same..the leaders want to keep it that way..

  34. 40

    Terry Bobo

    Sad,sad,and more sad

  35. 41

    Jimmy Coshatt

    Report A crime and expect A long wait, waiting on the cops to arrive

  36. 43

    Terry Bobo

    Look who doing the crime Jimmy Coshatt

  37. 45

    Cindy Buckner

    When you are not able to face the truth nothing gets accomplished!!

  38. 46

    Cindy Buckner

    Lmao The First 48 won’t even film here really??? Wow lol that’s disturbing!!!

  39. 47

    Devaun Brooks

    It’s so sad that u all are acting like Bham hasn’t had a high murder rate !!

  40. 48

    Ian Maddox

    There are only two ways to address this; top down and bottom up. Many comments on here lead me to believe that people seem to think that the top down approach is the only one available. The top down approach is an increase in police force and activity to tamp down crime. The bottom up approach is to address the disease not just a symptom and look at education, poverty, employment, etc. I’m sure it’s a combination of both but just to say we need more aggressive policing to get rid of the “thugs” is shortsighted.

  41. 50

    Ian Maddox

    Maybe, maybe not. Gentrification often just shifts populations from one community to another. It doesn’t alleviate the problems of poverty, poor education, lack of jobs. When you have those three things you typically see a high rate of crime.

  42. 51

    Andrew Kevin Davis

    Why no one moves into Birmingham no more. Most people live outside of it. Couldn’t pay me enough to live in the city.

  43. 53

    John Edwards

    Birmingham is always in the Top 5 in violent crime, per capita, it has a long history of violence. Sure was fun being a cop there. I thought I had cleaned the place up before I left

  44. 56

    Andrew Kevin Davis

    Ok thanks for the insight, but I will not lol

  45. 57

    Mary Frame

    Eddie Smith – you blame the idiots that are shooting up. You blame the drug dealers as well, they should get the death penalty.

  46. 58

    Mary Frame

    Scott, they are probably getting a cut.

  47. 59

    Mary Frame

    Ian Maddox – at least gentrification brings jobs and the area’s are cleaner and safer. Who on earth would have a problem with that?

  48. 60

    Scott Reed

    Back at you Glenda. It,s going to take good upstanding black people to help stop the violence. Some of my good friends are black. We just need more to take a stand against violence

  49. 61

    Rose Herring Cobb

    Folks, you may be blessed to live in a town where local officials are relatively clean, but thousands of our fellow citizens live in a different reality, under the authority of different kinds of public officials. We don’t need polls or rankings to tell us Birmingham leaders are greedy, and you’re living in a dream world if you think the evolution of community safety doesn’t start with city officials. Blame rap music and parenting skills all you want, but when the decisions of city officials benefit only those who fund them, public interest becomes second. Any leadership lacking a commitment to serve public interest first, especially with the aid of financial greed, will always negatively effect economic productivity and Birmingham is no different. To end the crime, you have to end the government corruption.

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