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    Julie Miller

    Congrats Don Sivley….. well deserved….. Vicki Sivley honeydo list is growing….

  2. 3

    Robert Ferguson

    Don, I know that you have done an excellent job being on the Trussville police force all these years. Enjoy your days of retirement. Congratulations by the way!

  3. 4

    Sheila Pitt Murray

    Congratulations Don Sivley!!!!!

  4. 5

    Jordan Horn

    Who is expected to be tapped as his replacement?

  5. 6

    Barbara Robinson

    Congratulations! My husband retired from Jefferson County Sheriff’s dept in 2006. We wish you well

  6. 8

    Stacey Mabrey Allen

    No one can replace his shoes!!! Incredible man!!!!

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