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    Cheryene Sims

    Erik! I hope this happens!

  2. 2

    Danny Espy

    I’d like for the people park to get completed.

  3. 3

    Todd Bragan

    SECOND!! can we get the other projects completed and before adding more to the list!

  4. 4

    Mark Atwood

    Will this park take as long to complete as the other park. If so my dog will be too old to enjoy it. Pick up the pace Trussville.

  5. 7

    Kae Hall Norris

    This is an informational meeting that citizens have scheduled, everyone is invited. It’s just a bunch of pet lovers who would like to see a dog park built in Trussville and who is willing to step up and get the ball rolling. Hope to see you there!

  6. 9

    Scott Buttram

    Danny, Todd and Mark, I’m not going to pretend your comments aren’t warranted. Lord knows the Civitan Park project has been the biggest government fiasco I’ve ever seen. No doubt, you expressed the sentiments of a lot of people.

    I suppose the Tribune could write another story explaining that it’s a federal project, but it seems like the previous countless stories would suffice.

    I would, however, like to point out the fallacy of not pursuing other projects while waiting on the park completion.

    If that advice were followed, we would not have Hewitt-Trussville Football Stadium, or the bridge completing Husky Parkway, or Magnolia Elementaty School, or Cahaba Elementary School, or a major expansion of the library underway, or Railroad Avenue under construction, just to name a few.

    At this point, it may be more fun to see how many projects can be completed in the city before the feds finish just one.

  7. 10

    Dennis Vandegrift

    Well said and good response.

  8. 12

    Rob Langford

    Just what we need…NOT! We have trouble getting services for our kids in the schools but we are going to build a dog park? Our priorities are all messed up!

  9. 13
  10. 14

    Royce N Tammy Butler

    Complete the unfinished park first. That will give people plenty of space to take their families and their pets.

  11. 15

    Melanie Price Shores

    Well said, however; 5 years have gone by. Hard to believe the city hasn’t had any part of the “feet dragging” we are all complaining about. My daughter will be in 4K next year and has yet to step on that green space. Don’t get me started on issues I’ve experienced with city inspections. Nothing runs “well” for this to be such a large city. Frustrating!

  12. 16

    Todd Bragan

    Agreed Scott, and point well made. I think the city is certainly in the works of som great things- there are just so many things going on that I believe more good will need to be built up from the city in regards to completing all these projects. Perception is (not always) sometimes reality.

  13. 17

    Scott Monski

    At what point do we stop waiting on the feds to get out of the way of our city progress? I don’t know the costs but I would think the support to finish the 5 year civitan project ourselves is overwhelming. Adding a dog park could be included in completing the civitan park.

  14. 18

    Scott Buttram

    Todd, good points. I can’t argue with that.

  15. 19

    Scott Buttram

    Scott, that question was asked during the political forums and I think it’s a good one. At this point, it probably wouldn’t make sense because the consensus is that it will be complete this spring. There were some questions as to whether the city would have to reimburse the $1 million grant. Three or four years ago, I would have said take the loss and take it over. The problem is, nobody dreamed it would go on this long.

  16. 22

    William Richard Wills

    Rob while schools should be a priority there is room for other projects. As a dog owner and someone that has a school aged child there is need for this park. Every town that has one sees people from all over us it. Trussville will benefit from it by bring people here to buy a house rather than buy somewhere else. We need parks bike trails ball parks and dog parks to draw people to our community

  17. 23

    Cicily Welch Mobley

    This is a great idea. Most cities that attract alot of home buyers have amenities like this.

  18. 24

    Niláy Sháh

    Krista Shah AJ Barnes Daniel Locke Kishia Locke

  19. 26

    Jana Wright

    Very true!! A well done dog park can attract home buyers and many of our citizens are traveling elsewhere to use the facilities of other cities for their pets.

  20. 27

    Krista Shah

    Our doggies would love this!

  21. 28

    Cicily Welch Mobley

    You are right…..and the thing is when they drive to other cities they usually end up eating there or shopping there as well. When you create a destination you bring in tax dollars or you at least keep the tax dollars here. That’s the thing we have to realize in Trussville and start thinking much bigger. To be honest, my family and I drive out of Trussville all the time for restaurants or entertainment. If we had a greater variety of things to do/eat here, more of our money would stay here.

  22. 29

    Charles Bush

    A dog park?? Really?? I would be very much against this IF one tax dollar goes to fund or maintain it. If YOU need a park to take your dog to, then get together and buy some land and build your park with YOUR private dollars. Or how about just let your dog play in the back yard? I know thats old school but it used to work just fine.

  23. 30

    Charles Bush

    There is more to a home town and a neighborhood than tax dollars and new home buyers. The growth can reach a point where it ruins a town. I know. I have seen it happen to Trussville.

  24. 31

    Chris Baker

    A place for Gooby to roam free

  25. 32

    Presley Miller

    And another place to lay down after 5 minutes

  26. 33

    Jessie Odell

    And we’d have money in the bank.lol

  27. 34

    Jessie Odell

    We are so excited about the dog park.

  28. 35

    Treasha Reaves

    Yes, please! That would be awesome. And as people said above, it definitely attracts people to the community and not only to buy a house here, but on their way in, maybe stop at three eared rabbit for lunch or stop by some of the boutiques or the bike shop. It would be great for the community!

  29. 36

    David R. Blount

    Pets are not allowed in Civitan Park, nor any other park in Trussville, currently.

  30. 37

    Chad Sutherland

    Has it been forgotten that there is a park that is still yet to be completed, but there sure are nice lights on a walking path surrounded by 4-5 ft grass and a great fence up so it’s inaccessible bc of lack of completion. Why don’t we complete that first. If I recall this was a topic discussed during the mayoral campaign it would be nice to see some movement on this now.

  31. 38

    Joanna Garcia

    Rob this park will not cost the city any money other than maintenance like cutting grass and providing trash cans and pick up. This park will be build by donations from the community and buisness who want to donate. Its a park that will be for the many dog lovers in Trussville built by the community. This park will not take away from any other projects. The land we chosen is to small to be used for anything else. We did an interview yesterday with someone from the Trussville Tribune and a new article will be out explaining more about our plans.

  32. 39

    Joanna Garcia

    Please read a comment I made above to Rob Langford about this. This new dog park will not take away from any other projects.

  33. 40

    Rob Langford

    Normally I am not this upset about things like this. We have some wonderful parks in Trussville. We also have some wonderful schools. I also am a dog owner. I guess it’s about priorities. For example I am the parent of a special needs child but yet we do not have enough Therapists in the school system. Resources are split between elementary schools. Now then if you want to get on the subject of playgrounds, well for example we would love to have special needs friendly playground like Hoover does or even Moody. That takes money. I personally have tried to reach out to multiple people in the community to help with trying to raise funds to try to build a playground for these kids and haven’t had any luck.

  34. 41

    William Richard Wills

    Contact the new mayors office.

  35. 42

    Scott Buttram

    Rob, the city and the schools are completely autonomous and have completely separate funding sources. You would need to speak with school officials regarding the issues you mentioned.

  36. 43

    Rob Langford

    Ok. Thank you all for the advice and input. As far as the parks are concerned I’ll do some more research and see what I can come up with. Hopefully we can help get these kids an all inclusive playground.

  37. 44

    Jana Wright

    Melanie Price Shores!

    Good news, people will be there at the park too since dogs make terrible drivers!!

  38. 45

    Jana Wright

    Rob Langford I would tell you that a playground for the kids is a long term plan in the future. Kids love playing with cute puppies as well and there will be sections of the park according to size.

  39. 46

    Jana Wright

    FYI, the city only provided the land that’s currently unable to be used for any other purpose due to the fact it sits on a sinkhole. The fundraising will come from citizens who, like myself, are dog owners and have seen the need for a dog park for a long time. Most progressive cities have them and our goal is to raise the money to get it started and continue to improve the park to where it is something that the entire community can be proud of. Right now a lot of dog owners currently drive 30 minutes one way to take their dog to another cities park. It’s a much needed park.

  40. 47

    Jana Wright

    Will everyone interested in the park please join the FB page for informational meetings, to share ideas of what you’d like to see, keep track of fundraising efforts.

    This park will be built with the money raised through the various efforts from GFM, to perhaps restaurant events and such. My goal is to have people traveling here to use the park and have it become one of the premiere dog parks in the South. That’s the goal of so many who are involved but a well done park requires support, from suggestions to volunteering ideas and financial support to add dog park equipment, nice attractive fencing, etc.

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