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  1. 1

    Roger Humphries

    I don’t even go there ,I saw a sign out front that said men’s pants half off, right then I knew I wasn’t going in there

  2. 4

    Sharon McKnight

    Makes my skin crawl. How embarrassing for him though. Lol im sure half the people on here probably know who it is.

  3. 9

    LeAnn Streetman

    Lori Utley Chambers well it is.

  4. 10

    Lori Utley Chambers

    LeAnn Streetman .. I totally agree!

  5. 11

    Buffie Holt

    There is a lot going on at that store.

  6. 12

    Brenda Johnson Horne

    So now you’re a peeping Tom if you look inside a store window

  7. 13

    Tina Weems Nicholas

    The article said he was “allegedly videotaping the victim with a cell phone while in the dressing room.”

  8. 16

    Andrew Alford

    I didn’t know Marc Cuban was in town

  9. 17

    Michael Blankenship

    Here is his other profile pic..

  10. 18

    Doris Franklin

    Leeds location is so empty. Are they closing??

  11. 19

    Michael Gee

    Just sold out of fall/winter. Spring goods will be coming mid February!

  12. 20

    Joni Waltner Ellington

    Gotcha!!!! What a creep and sicko!!!

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