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  1. 1

    Scott Crooks

    Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face!!!!!

  2. 2

    Doug Davidson

    There goes the federal money.

  3. 3
  4. 4

    Jill Faucett Clark

    Surrounding communities: we should not think this will not affect us. Legal or not, they have just publicly announced that they have the welcome mat out and criminal elements will not just settle in the city limits.

  5. 5

    Marla Ford Gibson

    This is coming from the same city that almost filed bankruptcy a few years ago. I’m glad they have money to spare now. Poor leadership!!!

  6. 6

    Rita Thomas

    Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley says the state will not support sanctuary cities.

    “President Trump has already taken decisive and necessary action to enforce our nation’s immigration laws,” Bentley said. “Alabama will not support sanctuary cities or institutions that harbor or shelter illegal immigrants, and are in clear violation of the laws of the nation.”

  7. 7

    Gail Smith Wright

    They can’t take care of the people they have now … murders every day, houses set on fire every day, drugs everywhere, schools failing, abandoned businesses, parts of town that no business will even consider, teenagers having babies left and right in order to collect more public assistance. Yeah, sounds like a pretty good idea.

  8. 8

    Gail Smith Wright

    Jill, you are absolutely correct. Already wondering where I can move to get away from this stuff.

  9. 9

    Kate Sheffield Hankins

    So glad my address has changed from Birmingham!

  10. 10
  11. 11

    Linda Taylor

    Just call them spoons – always stirring up something!!!

  12. 12

    Mike-Holly Downing

    That’s a special kind of STUPID

  13. 13

    Terrie Dollar

    Soooooo stupid. Who voted for them. Can we protest and cry and act stupid.

  14. 14

    Sheryl Cooper

    Unbelievable – hopefully these refugees will be William Bells and council’s neighbors.

  15. 15

    Paul Tucker

    Time to drain the little swamp… 🙂

  16. 16

    Peggy Dorriety Jones

    So, can Trussville & the out lying cities make a proclamation that they are NOT a Sanctuary City?

  17. 17

    Mike Evans

    Man I’m glad I don’t live there

  18. 18

    Mark Dale

    But, but steady Freddy the local attorney sez it it is OK. They could have stir on the decision and used the money to he’ll Art Clarkson bring back the Bulls and help the BJCC fill dates to the idle arena and help city center. Maybe he will do that now since the Birmingham will need a new tax revenue. Steady Freddy. A name that will live in Birmingham infamy.

  19. 19

    Bobby Milstead

    Not surprised at all, bunch of morons

  20. 20

    Ronnie Murray

    I’m ready to move. This is going to have a very negative effect on this area.

  21. 21

    Jane Scoggins

    Embarrassment! A total embarrassment. About the time the city begins to move in a positive direction, Civil Rights Museum, Railroad Park, Barrons new field etc. they do this. Can’t control crime now. Embarrassed!

  22. 23

    Tracy Layfield

    I’m glad I’m not in the Birmingham city limits. The only involvement in Birmingham is my son going to UAB for college, but he can transfer to Tuscaloosa.

  23. 24

    Rob Langford

    Maybe instead of passing sanctuary city resolutions they could pass pro business or anti crime or better schools resolutions. Birmingham continues to be in the business of division and not working to improve. They are nothing but idiots.

  24. 26

    Delane HoneyCutt Parker

    Birmingham can’t afford to lose Federal funding. Now what?

  25. 27

    Scott Key

    Gonna be sanctuary to the extent they lose federal funds, then they’re just a friendly city. Just when you thought Birmingham might have their act together, they open their mouths. Pandering to the lowest common denominator

  26. 29

    Carol Parker

    The city council just continues to outdo itself in stupidity!

  27. 30

    Mickey T Jacobs

    Some how I’m not surprised

  28. 31

    Barbara Williams Wheeler

    Instead of three shootings today, will be tripled in less than three hours. Birmingham can’t afford to be a sanctuary city. We need to be taking our goodwill to keeping the city safe.

  29. 32

    Michelle Marchant Millar

    I don’t think they were in any danger of anyone thinking that Birmingham might have their act together. As long as that circus of a city council is in town, it’s going to be a wreck.

  30. 33

    Kevin Small

    It’s funny how politicians decide which laws they will enforce and which ones they will ignore. Birmingham has been an embarrassment most of my adult life.

  31. 34

    Greg Widick

    I’m through spending any sales tax dollars in this City Of Birmingham, there are many alternative places to do my spending. I spend plenty, believe me . Not Now ….losers

  32. 35

    Breezie Reed

    Blood suckers everywhere

  33. 36

    Katie Anderson Onofry

    That isn’t that just great! Less money and now we are going to have people coming into town with no jobs or place to live AWESOME! don’t we have enough homeless and jobless.

  34. 38

    John Knight

    Anyone who hires them should gave to pay the FULL COST of returnimg them home (including legal fees, cost to police etc.). They should also have to pay a $5000.00 fine for each instance payable via crimestoppers to whoever turn them in. Jobs would dry up and they would self deport. And yes it would work because people will turn in their mother for $5000.00

  35. 39

    Shane Carter

    Let’s swap out all the hoodrats for refugees? I might be on to something?

  36. 41

    Debbie Barrett Duncan

    I agree Sissy Denney Ray. Y’all need to move.

  37. 42

    Steve Lawrence

    When Trump cuts off Federal Funding to Sanctuary Cities…UAB is going to get pinched so King Bell can make a political statement.

  38. 43

    Reggie Wright

    Sometimes best to do nothing Birmingham….this is one if them…let nature take its course…much overreaction elsewhere to go around…why not stay out of the great divide..

  39. 44

    Matt Coleman

    Good question even if not I would hope trussville police will inform the criminals ,and send them straight out of the city

  40. 45

    Tina Weems Nicholas

    I agree. They will lose more than federal funding that way.

  41. 47

    Glenda Barrow

    Don’t we have enough problems now? We don’t need anymore!

  42. 48

    Elaine Loggins Argent

    consider the source, people….

  43. 49

    Gwendolyn Wardlow

    I shouldn’t be surprised by the comments, why am I surprised, sigh ..smh

  44. 50

    Karen Owens

    Just when Birmingham was beginning to be known for positive things. This will keep people from coming here. So much for the progress they have made, so much for the breweries, so much for the restaurants. What a huge mistake. People will start fleeing the surrounding areas as well, this will affect the surrounding communities also.

  45. 51

    Jane Ward Norton

    Not the same Birmingham I grew up in

  46. 53

    Tonya Hardin Yarchak

    Birmingham never filed bankruptcy. Jefferson county did. Trussville is in Jefferson county.

  47. 54

    Teresa Terri Johnson Brown

    Karen u r so right. We were finally making progress now this

  48. 55

    Bama Jason

    I don’t believe this effects Trussville and the outlying towns, so burn baby burn. It’s the blind leading the uninformed in Birmingham. When the federal funding is pulled it’ll just turn into a bigger cesspool.

  49. 56

    Charlie Beasley

    No hope for stupidity. We continue to show our young people that illegal acts come with no consequences. Let’s watch the violent crime number sky rocket as a result. The next thing will be Bell and his buddies in a neighborhood praying for an end to violence.

  50. 57

    Gerald Hicks

    I believe a Resolution is non-binding. However, the message this sends to all illegals just blows my mind!

  51. 58

    Pamela Hilton

    Just insane! I can’t believe that the citizens and taxpayers do nothing to stop this insanity!!! Has Jefferson county resolved the waterworks fiasco????

  52. 59

    Larry Parks

    That means they will get more people to hijack, rob, and more down town “thug tourists” from Ensley to do it all. Does the good mayor EVER address the murders that have never been solved?

  53. 60

    Ronald Scott

    Now , I hate we only moved 50 miles out of Birmingham. Time to move again.,

  54. 61

    Lamar Adkins

    They can’t cut Medicaid up our governor refuse to accept the money from the federal government anyway ,theycan’t cut the Federal Highway money off because that money is already sitting in the bank really all they can do it’s cut grant money it goes to UAB.

  55. 62

    Gary Fleming

    Businesses will eventually close or pull out. Forget about the new stadium for UAB

  56. 63

    Joey Butler

    We’ll have to see exactly what this means down the road, but good job, Magic City.

  57. 64

    Judy Parsons

    Don’t we have have enough crime and free loaders now??

  58. 65

    Darlene Harvey Cole

    Like the murder rate isn’t enough of a deterrent? Now you advertise for obvious law breakers to come on in and make yourself at home. When do we, the taxpayers, get to decide what laws we want to ignore?

  59. 66

    Betty Gilchrist Penuel

    Wish we could move out of Bham.

  60. 68

    Joey Blalock

    Wrong Lamar! The Airport, the Civil right museum among others all recurve federal funding! Hurting UAB will be enough! Alabamas largest employer and a huge chunk of Birminghams economy! If UAB left Birmingham would fizzle out!

  61. 69

    Joey Blalock

    It won’t be good! All cities that proclaimed to be sanctuary cities have experienced budget shortfalls and a sharp increase in crime! And it will not help when the federal funding goes away which it will

  62. 70

    Brian Wells

    ok so what does this mean really

  63. 71

    Ashley Holloway

    A loss in federal funding.. but I’m not sure if that’s all that will happen as a result of this decision

  64. 72

    Deliliah Goodwin Jackson

    Businesses will relocate outside of the city. Residents will move and start shopping outside of Birmingham, it’s a domino effect. People that work in Birmingham will find jobs elsewhere.

  65. 73

    Cindy Stieg

    No more patronizing businesses in the Ham!!!

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