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    Frank Tapley

    Doing the right thing is not always easy but rewarding in the end result. Adjustments can and will be made!

  2. 3

    Nick Smith

    Vice did a video a while back about how the ban on immigrants hurt Alabamas farming in a huge way. Now we get to feel it but double.

  3. 4

    Janice Archer Thomas

    you forgot to put illegal before immigrant and we are not in a trade war with Mexico. I think he should just scrap the wall plan and start a program to deport the illegals that are here.

  4. 5

    Frank Tapley

    Alabamians will survive this but how many haven’t survived the drugs, criminals, and drunk uninsured vehicle drivers the illegals represent in our population. There is never a complete fix but you follow the Laws on the books and do your best otherwise we are our own enemy.

  5. 6

    Dan Hodo

    Maybe the meth business will go down.

  6. 7

    Gwendolyn Wardlow

    Well yeah, what’s taco soup without avocados and Corona!

  7. 8

    Scott White

    We are not in a trade war. Good grief the liberals are even running amuck in the Trussville Tribune.

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