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  1. 1

    Tjo Johnson

    Sad but at least she took them to a shelter instead of dropping them randomly like some idiots do.

  2. 5

    Drake Riley

    The many things happening in our city, including murders happening every other day in Birmingham, we’re looking for a lady whom dropped off two mutts and some cats at an animal shelter. Bravo #2017

  3. 6

    Matt Coleman

    Is it even against the law to do this ? If so there’s yalls answer why animals are dumped on the side of the road

  4. 7

    Matt Coleman

    You got to consider this is in warrior lol I’m sure police get bored there ,and look for something to do lol

  5. 8

    Ellen Davis Hall

    It doesn’t say they were dropped off at a shelter. It says animal clinic which is usually a veterinary clinic. It sounds like they are just asking for information.

  6. 9

    Michael Stanley

    Any Chinese restaurants close recently?

  7. 10

    Bridget Ryals

    doesn’t Jefferson County have anything better to do?

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