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  1. 1

    Michael Stanley

    Straight outta Thugscaloosa haha

  2. 2

    Taylor D Duncan

    Joshua Duncan Timothy Jordan Duncan did yall witness? Haha

  3. 3

    Timothy Jordan Duncan

    No, but the police were there upon arrival, imagine we just missed the commotion.

  4. 5

    Scott Sizemore

    Got the world on a silver platter and can’t stop the thug BS ?

  5. 6

    Kevin Holley

    You win the internet today. I will steal this.

  6. 9

    David Moss

    He could have been a Gatta!

  7. 10

    Scott Sizemore

    Then he’d just be down there beating up women and ruining his career etc etc. 😄

  8. 13

    Joshua Duncan

    Unfortunately not. I wonder if I could of made it to the finebaum show with a story like that.

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