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    Jay Johnson

    This is horrible Trussville Tribune!

  2. 4

    ES Chats

    Come work Drug Court… see if you still think its “horrible” Jay. Its not an innocent drug or crime.

  3. 6

    Jay Johnson

    @ES Chats I don’t need to work drug court. I’m not saying the punishment for the crime isn’t justifiable.

    I’m saying the way Trussville Tribune has publicized this is wrong.

    It lacks tact. Regardless and trust me there are more hideous crimes out there that could have stole the spotlight.


  4. 7

    Austin Underwood

    Ruining this young mans image, obviously there was someone arrested who told on him but where is the picture of them? Surely we couldn’t post a picture of some white 18 year old from Trussville that be tragic, but a young black man surely is corrupting the youth /s

  5. 8

    Cheyenne Horton

    2800 for bail??? Are u kidding me? I dont feel like the world is safer with this man in jail give me a break

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