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  1. 1

    Leah Scharf Miller

    The news never said and I haven’t read anything….I’m curious if the roll down doors were locked? It seems that they were closed but not locked.

  2. 2

    Doris Franklin

    why can’t people do nice things?

  3. 3

    Barbara Williams Lemley-Wheeler

    So sad. A good spanking is what kids needs before they are juveniles. My Dad and Mom taught me to live by God’s Commandments. After a good reminder of bad behavior (spanking), us seven children got the message. When they said “no” we were not rewarded. They did not owe us anything else. Our seven are all living , none ever been in jail or prison or on welfare as a way of life. GOD IS OUR ANSWER IN AMERICA.

  4. 5

    Chuck Biddinger

    ‘Trussville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Pattie Neill said the school is investigating how it plans to discipline these students.”

    How the school is going to discipline? It is not a school problem now, it is a legal problem and they need to go to jail.

  5. 6

    Jane Scoggins

    Making your family proud.

  6. 7

    The Trussville Tribune

    One doesn’t replace the other.

  7. 8

    Kenneth Mcintyre

    it shouldn’t matter if they had left the doors up. They had no right to damage what didn’t belong to them. Let them go vandalize their own home. Their parents should get a good bill for this

  8. 9

    Leah Scharf Miller

    Well he’s a cutie. What is his home address? I want proof he lives in Trussville.

  9. 10

    Kim Reid

    Jane Scoggins you know how proud they are of their son!

  10. 11

    Jane Scoggins

    So sad for these kids and their families. This is a mark they will carry a very long time especially the 18 yr old.
    I’m sure their parents are embarrassed and devastated. The crazy things my kids did sure got to me.

  11. 12

    Kim Reid

    Thing is Jane Scoggins, what our kids do once they are in their teens and beyond is not our fault. We did our best to teach them right from wrong. I they choose to do something criminal, it’s on them, they deserve to go sit in a jail cell and to pay for their crime. Just my very humble opinion.

  12. 13

    Jane Scoggins

    I agree Kim. They need to go to jail and also work to.pay fir the clean up.
    I struggle with the actions of my grown children even though I know they are adults and chose their own path. Just hurts sometimes.

  13. 14

    Kim Reid

    That’s because you are a good mom! Just look how you much you are doing for Seth! He knows how much you love him and is thriving because of it

  14. 15

    Valerie Phillips Chramer

    Code of Conduct? We are way past a time out and a stern “you should not do that!” How about jail time and the family responsible for the damage?

  15. 16

    Phillip Acton

    Why don’t you think he lives in Trussville?

  16. 17

    Carolyn Morrison Ford

    This happened to a classroom at Erwin Elementary when I was 12-13 years old. I still know the name of the person who did it, and I’ll be 70 this year. Their reputation has been sealed.

  17. 18

    Leah Scharf Miller

    Phillip Acton what makes you think he does

  18. 20

    Kevin Small

    Just curious as to what in this story makes you question his residency. I see nothing in the story that would lead to that thought process.

  19. 21

    Kevin Small

    Maybe jail is not the answer. It does not get the $8000 repaired and actually costs all of us. Maybe $8000 worth of community service would be a good solution.
    1. Trussville gets $8000 worth of work.
    2. Idle hands and such
    3. It looks to redeem the young mans future rather than add an albatross to it.

  20. 22

    Leah Scharf Miller

    I’m sure the story will reveal. Regardless of where he lives I hope the punishment is more than severe.

  21. 23

    Scott Walls

    That’s an $1800.00 Popcorn machine in the floor.

  22. 24

    Josie Smith

    Make him fix what he destroyed

  23. 25

    Kim Holden Jones

    Very derogatory comment. That’s one of the many things wrong with our nation.

  24. 26

    Lauren Green

    No, their parents shouldn’t pay anything. They should have to do community service or get jobs and pay back the damages. Otherwise there will be no lesson learned from their poor decisions

  25. 27

    Joey Cobb

    Its ok people we all know teens have been coming from Centerpoint and causing Trussville problems.. I mean just look at spare time, the movie theater.. even if he didn’t come from centerpoint, it’s still a question that should be asked.

  26. 28

    Austin Underwood

    Does where he came from change what he is done? I don’t even think it’s a residency thing, I think the comment was based on skin color

  27. 29

    Scott Buttram

    Joey, after the suspect’s name, the story clearly states, “of Trussville.”

  28. 30

    Leah Scharf Miller

    Scott Buttram I missed that!

  29. 31

    Joey Cobb

    Well of course it is austin, and Scott you’re correct. But the rest of my comment holds true. It was a valid question due to the problems trussville PD has had with centerpoint folk

  30. 32

    Stanley Smith

    I would’t want 8 Bucks worth of his work. Did you see that Crap?

  31. 33

    Diane Massey Minton

    Okay I’m sorry…..this nonsense better not start and take over our community like it has Center Point & Huffman!!! Keep the Hooligans away. No need in destroying our nice and wonderful things built for generations to come.

  32. 34

    Faith Brewster Summers

    If seniors are involved they should be allowed to walk at grad time

  33. 35

    Henry Moultrie

    He must dont know about trussville wrong place to get in trouble at them people will see about you

  34. 36

    Diane Davis Hebert

    They should be made to clean the areas so they are spotless! No mops but a bucket and a rag. Hands and knees !

  35. 37

    Greg Widick

    Good job on the investigation Trussville Police Department.

  36. 38

    Tiffanie Bennett Reed

    “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”- Jesus Christ. Including in this case: what they SAY. Praying for all involved.

  37. 41

    John Ray

    Espaniol ?? Translation please ?

  38. 42

    John Ray

    Novices right Matt Phillips ? 😂😂

  39. 43

    Matt Phillips

    No one could have predicted it

  40. 44

    Pam Noland Wilkinson

    This boy has more than mischief on his mind. He has also been charged with burglary at a church. Needs more than a slap on the hand and community service.

  41. 45

    TaShara Caldwell

    Because surely the teens from Trussvile never ever do anything wrong and if something does go wrong it must be from those no good children from center point, or they got the idea from center point. No way on Gods green earth a true Trussvile resident could ever commit an act of vandalism. Get real A LOT goes on in Trussvile, it just manages to stay out of the news. 🙄

  42. 46

    Kelli Penque

    But why? What posses someone to do it?

  43. 47

    Jessie Jay Phillips-Chaney

    Exactly TaShara I don’t see anyone calling them thugs either or saying they should be locked up smh

  44. 48

    Scott Reed

    They do that down here. They just tear up stuff. It’s their nature. It’s from lack of WHIPPINGS AND LOVE. Either order

  45. 49

    Tapanga Kernan

    That has to be the most stupid comment I have ever seen… “I want proof he lives in Trussville”. Just because he’s black doesn’t mean he doesn’t live there. Hmmm….Racial profiling. How ignorant of you.

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