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    Donna Santos Griffith

    YES!…. but first students need to be taught the proper way to hold the writing utensils (starting when they first hold crayons). Proper lettering for print should also be taught. Cursive writing is a foundation skill that should be taught properly from the beginning.

  2. 2

    Kimberley Brown Aids

    It’s a needed skill. Neither of my girls have been taught cursive…As a result, they can barely sign their names. Very. Very sad.

  3. 3

    Georgie Rowan Allen

    I don’t understand why they stopped teaching it!!!!

  4. 4

    Alicia Underwood Aubut

    Yes. My oldest child was never taught it. My youngest child is in third grade now she is being taught it now. I was wondering why she is learning it and my oldest is in high school and was never taught. Now I know.

  5. 5

    Mitzi Seales

    My Mother taught me cursive in first grade. Tried to show off in school and was told to wait till 3rd grade to use it. This was 50 years ago.

  6. 6

    Sam Stewart III

    When was the last time you used cursive? It’s probably been since 8th grade for me. A student’s time would be better spent learning life skills such as balancing a checkbook, avoiding debt, and how to interview for a job. Those skills will be used much more often than cursive writing, multiple literature classes or trigonometry.

  7. 7

    Beth Bingham

    Of course they should write cursive. Our constitution was written in cursive…

  8. 8

    Rosalyn Jernigan

    Great, they need to be taught that!

  9. 9

    Janice Archer Thomas

    I guess we will all start making an X for our signature.

  10. 10

    Ronald Hagood Jr.

    Everyday when I sign my name

  11. 12

    Ronald Hagood Jr.

    How are you going to sign a check? Sign your name at the bottom of an application?

  12. 13

    Sam Stewart III

    Signatures are different. I mean writing in complete sentences in cursive

  13. 14

    Diann Hays

    All children need this skill!

  14. 15

    Jenny McFall Barnes

    Does anyone know exactly when and why teaching cursive was no longer taught?

  15. 16

    Justin Williamson

    It’s obsolete. Invest the time in computer literacy and/or coding instead.

  16. 17

    Lori Chandler Pruitt

    It’s a necessary ADULT skill!

  17. 18

    Angela Martin-Gomez

    I think it started in the 80s, my oldest always printed and I had to buy penmanship books to teach cursive or script (both the same to me) to my kids. Some kids have difficulty reading it also. What a shame!!!!!!

  18. 19

    Kevin Small

    Cursive will always be important because of historical documents. Children should be able to read and write cursive.

  19. 20

    Cathy McNeill

    We have a 47 year old different able diagnosed with autism. We have never had a conversation but he knows how to read, write(in cursive), read the time on a regular clock, do math, and knows the calendar. He even changes the year ever year without prompts. He requires 24 hour supervision. If he can learn this, then all other children without handicaps should be able also. He sits in on our quarterly meetings and signs his name in cursive and and puts the correct date on. I know that many different able cannot do the same but our able children should all know this skill.

  20. 21

    Natalie Fields

    Why did it ever go away?

  21. 22

    Sharon Dear Bernard

    Definitely need to know cursive! I can’t imagine a world without anyone having a unique, personal signature. I have seen my grandsons unable to read my notes on their birthday cards from me! Unacceptable!

  22. 23

    Cathy Coe

    It should be taught beginning how to hold the pencil or pin.

  23. 24

    Faith Connolly

    Not that big of a deal tbh.

  24. 25

    Sharon Dear Bernard

    I’m sorry, it is a big deal! Something that is unique to each person in very important!

  25. 26

    Faith Connolly

    I’m sure there are more important problems that need to be fixed before everyone learns how to write in cursive.

  26. 27

    Glenda Kelly

    I totally approve of children learning to write cursive!

  27. 28

    Jeanie Lewis

    Yes! It is more than learning about cursive itself. It is hand-eye coordination, it is fine motor skill building, and it makes neural connections within the brain. I have witnessed an autistic child write beautifully in cursive when they were unable to write legibly in manuscript. This tells us that cursive utilizes a different part of the brain.

  28. 29

    Eva Gaston Allen

    My son taught himself when I realized that school didn’t.

  29. 30

    Jeanie Lewis

    It is more than learning about cursive itself. It is hand-eye coordination, it is fine motor skill building, and it makes neural connections within the brain. I have witnessed an autistic child write beautifully in cursive when they were unable to write legibly in manuscript. This tells us that cursive utilizes a different part of the brain.

  30. 31

    Heather Peacock

    Needed to read historical documents

  31. 32

    Cicily Welch Mobley

    While I understand the significance of technology for this generation and I embrace it, I cannot imagine taking my kids to Washington DC and seeing the Declaration of Independence and other historical documents and they can’t read them. So yes, they did need to learn how to read and write in cursive and so do all future generations. It really doesn’t take that long to learn and then they have the skill.

  32. 33

    Kathryn Smith

    Yes it should be taught. Many kids today can’t even print where it’s readable.

  33. 34

    Brian Wells

    They need to learn how to sign there name dont they.

  34. 35

    Joshua Lee

    It’s a basic part of the English language. It’s like asking should kids learn the ABC’s. The ones who say kids shouldn’t learn cursive usually don’t know how to write cursive themselves.

  35. 36

    Crystal McGough

    Oh this is wonderful!!!

  36. 37

    Crystal McGough

    I write in cursive as often as possible. When I was in school, yes they taught it in 3rd grade, but there was very little focus on it after. As a result, most of my generation CAN write cursive, but it’s not very pretty. I really want beautiful penmanship…it’s important to me. So now, as an adult, I practice as often as possible to improve my penmanship.

  37. 39

    Jennifer Amick

    Cursive writing and being able to read it is vital for kids with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. Some dyslexic kids can read cursive easier than print. The earlier they start this the better in my opinion!

  38. 40

    Robert Evan Vinson

    Totally agree! They need to learn cursive, so they can sign an application, a contract, and a check!

  39. 41

    Rachel Cleveland

    I think this is a valuable life skill that easily gets over looked! This should be taught as a basic life skill, just the same as being taught to read and write (print)

  40. 42

    Joe Domnanovich

    next will be buggy whip making, another useless course.

  41. 43

    Sandra Merchant

    They should be taught!!!

  42. 44

    Kathy Bailey

    I had to. That is crappie. Kids today can’t even balance a ck book.

  43. 45

    Nick Smith

    Because with the exception of writing your name. It’s kind of useless.

  44. 46

    Jenny McFall Barnes

    I disagree. Do you not care that generations of people could possibly not be able to read important documents? Why not learn cursive? It isn’t hard.

  45. 48

    Melinda Lake Robinson

    Everyone should know how to write in cursive….that’s what a signature is all about!

  46. 49

    Melinda Lake Robinson

    I graduated in 1989 & we still learned to write cursive. My children also learned to write in cursive during elementary school & my youngest is 15, so I think it’s been more recently that schools here stopped teaching it

  47. 53
  48. 55

    Anne Snider Steward

    Common sense. If you can’t write it, you won’t be able to read it. Some of the most important documents in the history of the US are all written in cursive. Most things in history, family and otherwise was all written in cursive.

  49. 56

    Shirley Denney

    Why would any school system decide our children don’t know how to sign their name or write a letter. Reading, writing and arithmetic! It was NEVER reading, printing and arithmetic.

  50. 57

    John Hand

    I would rather they teach them to type and for cursive, only teach them to read it.

  51. 58

    Heather-Jason Rothe

    My boys learned cursive before print and it benefited them greatly.

  52. 61

    Carol Alldredge

    Studies prove that writing in cursive improves leaning and memor! Cognitive skills are improved. Admit I didn’t read the article.

  53. 62

    Sarah Dickey

    Our founding fathers used cursive to seal our rights as Americans. They need to be able to read the documents as written .

  54. 63

    Martha Cash

    I’m a passport agent, and it’s amazing how many young people come in to apply for a passport and can’t sign their name.

  55. 64

    Sharon Dear Bernard

    I am 67 years old. Born and raised in Birmingham. I attended Glen Iris Elementary School. We were taught cursive writing. In fact, from about the fourth grade, we went to a writing class everyday. My teacher was
    Mrs. Deloach. We were instructed how to have beautiful handwriting using a fountain pen. The Board of Education sent a teacher several times a year to judge our penmanship skills. If we passed, we were given a Superior Sticker. This class was just as important as Math, English, Science etc.
    Your signature is unique to each person.
    It is part of who you are! My children were also were given these classes. It is a sad statement on our culture that it is no longer considered necessary to develop a uniqueness in each person. It is now almost a lost art. When my children’s generation is gone, so is the beautiful art form called Handwriting!

  56. 65

    Sean Wilson

    I thought this was just a given. I was taught to write both cursive and in print form. Thought this was just STANDARD!

  57. 67

    Alyce Hearn Daniel

    I think all children should learn Cursive!!!!!

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