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  1. 3

    Dana Murray Henry

    Kathy Galloway Norris this must have been all the commotion.

  2. 5

    Jeremy Owen

    I missed this by 30 minutes today

  3. 7

    Rickey Alexander

    Running from the cops in a Cavalier should be a punishable offense in itself.

  4. 8

    Misty Lesley

    Hmmm, name doesn’t sound familiar.

  5. 9

    Kattie C. Spence

    Sandra Forrest 6400? Was this infront of your house??

  6. 10

    Harold Silor

    What was the wreck last night on the Clay/Parmerdale road. We were stopped about 20 mlnutes . Two cars were hauled. Away.

  7. 12

    Louise Waters

    Scary this idiot had a weapon(an automobile)and is putting others life in danger,

  8. 13

    Gwen Lackey

    Prayers for this young man

  9. 14

    Gail Smith Wright

    I see cars all the time with no tags or dilapidated “tag applied for” cards on the back. I have always wondered how they get away with it. This young man must have been doing something else to attract attention of law enforcement.

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