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  1. 1

    Elena Llivina

    The swamp’s being cleaned!

  2. 2

    Joe Domnanovich

    Served at the pleasure of POTUS. Just acting like an a**

  3. 3

    Cliff Bagwell

    He is an appointee that served at the will of the president, and he knows that. If asked, he steps down.

  4. 4

    Leighton Wilson

    There are definitely plenty of employees of the DOJ one could claim are part of the swamp, but Preet Bharara absolutely isn’t one. He’s definitely been one of the most vigorous fighters of corruption employed by the DOJ. Even Trump has highly praised what Preet’s done in the SDNY, going as far to ask him to stay on. Very disappointed Trump reneged on his promise

  5. 8

    Arlene Thompson

    This is routinely done with each new administration . Why is the media portraying it as a Trump tactic! ?

  6. 10

    Betty Hadley

    Great! So glad to hear. They need to get rid of all Obama peoplel

  7. 12

    Lamar Adkins

    He was in the middle of the case. He probably would have left right after it was over with.

  8. 13

    Khalia Kennedy

    Because Trump promised him a position.

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